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Can Pancreatic Cysts Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Pancreatic cysts refer to growths filled with fluids and they develop in the human pancreas i.e. a small glandular organ present between intestines and the stomach in the abdomen. These pancreatic cells produce insulin and other hormones to control blood glucose levels in the body.

However, in some cases, pancreatic cysts grow due to pancreatitis i.e. the pancreas inflammation.(1)

Most of the pseudocysts or pancreatitis-based cysts are noncancerous and do not produce any type of accompanying symptom. About 75percent to 80percent of pancreatic cysts are of pseudocysts and such cysts affect 1 person from 1,000 adults in one year.(2)

If you suffer from pancreatic cysts, your doctor recommends you undergo an MRI scan or CT scan. This step is essential to diagnose whether the pseudocyst developed in your pancreas is cancerous or not.(3)

Can Pancreatic Cysts Go Away On Its Own?

Can Pancreatic Cysts Go Away On Its Own?

Yes, in some of the cases, pancreatic cysts or pancreatic pseudocysts go away on own and may even do not have any symptom.

Furthermore, in some patients, doctors identify the problem of pancreatic cysts accidentally when they perform an MRI scan or CT scan for diagnosing any other health condition.(4)

Natural Remedies For Pancreatic Cysts

Always Follow Low Fat Diet: You should always make sure to follow a low-fat diet. This limit fried, greasy and high fat based processed foods in your daily diet to manage pancreatitis. The reason for this is that consuming fat in excessive amounts may cause the pancreas to release digestive enzymes in high amounts than it releases normally. Indeed, excessive enzymes level results in an attack.

Consume Fluids In Enough Amounts: Consumption of fluids in enough amounts and at the same time, reducing your caffeine intake is recommendable for pancreatitis cysts patients.

Follow Proper Nutrition: Depending on your condition of pancreatitis, you have to follow complete parenteral nutrition. In this situation, you have to follow a special type of feeding method, which bypasses the gastrointestinal tract. Complete parenteral nutrition gives daily nutrition requirements to the patients using intravenous i.e. IV drip.

Weight Loss: You may sometimes become a patient of acute pancreatitis because of obesity. In this situation, you should take certain steps to lose your body weight.

Additional Supplements To Overcome Pancreatic Cysts

Antioxidants: Antioxidants may help you to reduce the pain associated with chronic pancreatitis. These supplements may reduce the level of oxidative stress i.e. a possible factor related to the development of cysts.

Glutamine: Glutamine is one of the amino acids, which present naturally in the human body and it plays a vital role in most of the metabolic procedures. A few of the research studies have revealed that the supplementation of glutamine benefits people suffering from acute pancreatitis, who get complete parenteral nutrition.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The consumption of omega-3 fatty acids helps reduce various infectious complications and your period of hospital stay if you suffer from acute pancreatitis. You may easily find a class of polyunsaturated fat or omega-3 fatty acids in most of the food items, like fatty fishes, like tuna and salmon, along with flaxseeds. Research studies have revealed that omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in the treatment of pancreatitis cysts by reducing the problem of inflammation and repairing of various damaged tissues. (5)


Based on the mentioned points, we can say that pancreatic cysts may or may not go away on their own. However, you can overcome your condition of pancreatitis by following certain natural remedies, like consumption of enough fluids and low-fat diet, intake enough nutrition, weight loss, and a few of the additional supplements, like fatty acids, glutamine, and antioxidants.


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