Best Formula for Gassy Babies|Causes & Home Remedies of Gassy Pain in Babies

Gassy babies are commonly known to suffer from repeated gases, abdominal distension and gassy pain. While most of it is related to their diet and routine, the causes of gassy pain need to be evaluated. There are various home remedies that can be used for the treatment of gas pains and can provide great relief. Know the causes of gassy pain in babies and some of the best home remedies and best formulas for the treatment of gassy babies.

Causes of Gassy Pain in Babies

Causes of Gassy Pain in Babies

Gassy pain can be caused by various problems; some of the causes of gassy pain in babies include

  • When harmless bacteria breaks down indigestive sugar in the large intestine, it can cause gas formation and abdominal pain.
  • Babies swallow air during feeding and crying, a common cause of gassy pain. Drinking too much milk too fast can also be one of the major reasons for gas. Anything that takes too much air can result into a gassy baby.
  • In some, consumption of excessive milk can also disrupt digestive system of kids. Consuming anything other than mother’s milk can also be a cause of gassy babies.
  • It is also found that some breast fed babies may also produce gas when mothers start consuming gassy vegetables in excess such as cauliflower, beans, onions, cabbage,
  • Brussels, sprouts and broccoli etc. If you observe that you are having any of these foods then it is better to stop having such kind of food as mentioned above.
  • When mothers consume something that they are not able to tolerate well or certain medications taken by mothers can cause gassy pain in babies.
  • Too much fruit juice can also be one of the major causes of stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea in kids.
  • Oral thrush can also be one of the causes for gassy pain in babies.

Best Formula for Gassy Babies

There are certain ways that can help prevent gas in babies and are known to be the best formula to manage this condition.

  1. Use a leisurely pace while feeding the baby to allow both the mother and child to relax. This can help to reduce the intake of air along food. Providing a secure, relaxed and avoiding hurried environment while breastfeeding is the best formula for gassy babies.
  2. Another important and also one of the best formula for gassy babies is to manage the flow of milk. Slow down the spray of milk while breastfeeding and continue the milk intake steadily to allow babies to manage the flow of milk effectively.
  3. In bottle-fed babies, it is important to check the opening of nipple in order to make sure that the spray of milk to is slowed down so that the flow can be managed. Bottle-fed babies may usually swallow lots of milk so it is important to keep a check on the habits of feeding.

Another best formula for gassy babies is to pat your baby at regular intervals during feeding and after feeding. This promotes burping and helps to release gas in babies. One of the ways to do it is by gently pressing on back of the baby in clockwise motion while you lay baby on her back. You can also hold baby securely a position known as colic hold or gas hold.

Most of the babies start burping during the feeding or after the feeding in order to release the gas. Burping helps in slowing down the consumption of baby food or breastfeed. Some babies have occasional feed and can show their discomfort, while some babies start getting frustrated and also starts swallowing more air. Trapped air can cause immediate discomfort, make a baby feel full before finishing the feeding or pass into the intestines, causing flatulence. There are some of the good positions for helping your baby to burp. You can use some of the easy ways to help your baby burp and relieve stomach pain.

  • Support your baby right over the burp cloth on the shoulders and then patting her back firmly.
  • You can also make the baby sit upright on your lap with your hand under the chin, in order to support for head and chest. You can also forward her slightly while rubbing on the back and then patting.
  • If these simple tips do not work you can look for some herbal remedies for gassy pain.

Home Remedies for Gassy Pain in Babies

Babies are born with immature digestive system and require more time to get mature. It takes time to treat gas problems in babies since it takes time for babies to develop a good digestive system. Some babies get a lot of digestive problems and can feel really irritated due to gas pains. Doctors may prescribe certain medications to reduce gassy pain in babies and improve their digestion.

However, many people also find using home remedies for gassy pain in babies useful. Some of these home remedies include

Warm Compress

A popular way to protect your baby from gastric pain is by using warm compress. For warm compress, you need to take a pan of hot water with towel. Squeeze the excess water and then keep the towel on baby’s abdomen. This procedure can be applied again when the towel cools down and repeat at least 2-3 times during the day or night whenever your child starts crying due to stomach pain.


Asafetida powder is a useful gas reliever and a wonderful home remedy for gassy pain in babies. It can be applied around the baby’s navel anti clockwise. You can dissolve a pinch of powder in 2 tbsp. of warm water in order to prepare a mixture. It can also be given to babies orally but it is always preferred to be applied around stomach area to obtain relief from gassy pain.

Mustard Oil

Massage using mustard oil is another home remedy for relieving gassy pain in babies. It can help in lubricating the abdominal muscles and stimulating digestive system. You can apply it around the baby’s navel in anti-clockwise position and can keep it away from exposure for some time.


Another effective home remedy for relieving bloating and flatulence in babies is aniseed. It has cooling properties and can be given to babies around 2-3 times during day. You can prepare a mixture of 1 tbsp. of aniseeds with one lire of water till it reduces to half.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is also used commonly for relieving gas pains and is a popular home remedy. However one should be careful while applying peppermint oil and tea directly to babies. Mint tea can be given to mothers but the amount should be properly regularized.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies have been used since ancient times, with great benefit in relieving gassy pain in babies, without causing any harm. However, depending on the age of the baby, it may be worth consulting an expert for the right type of herbal remedy, the correct ways of using it and right dosage.

Most home remedies work wonders for gassy pain in babies, however, seeking medical opinion, as appropriate is essential.


It is important to give more time to your baby in order to get used to new environment and food. Different methods suit different babies, so try the best formula for gassy babies and see what works best for your baby. Holding the baby on the shoulder and patting the back for burping surely helps in relieving gassy pains and improves milk digestion in addition to home remedies for gassy.

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