Can Indigestion Give You Diarrhea?

Indigestion, dyspepsia or upset stomach refers to a burning or a painful feeling in the upper part of the abdomen. This is not any distinct health condition; instead, it indicates a sign of an underlying disorder in the intestine, such as a gallbladder problem or a peptic ulcer. Indigestion in human beings will have a few of the common characteristic symptoms:

Can Indigestion Give You Diarrhea?

Can Indigestion Give You Diarrhea?

Yes, indigestion may give you diarrhea. Each of the characteristic symptoms mentioned above are problematic, but the most severe one among them is the diarrhea i.e. a condition, when body discharges stools frequently and in the form of liquids. Although, diarrhea may take place from other reasons also, but the most common one is indigestion. Moreover, depending on the physical and psychological conditions of a person, diarrhea may be mild or complex. Hence, in order to avoid diarrhea to take place, it has become very much essential for everyone to stay aware about the problem of indigestion and ways to avoid it.

  • The indigestion problem usually takes place from eating too quick or overeating.
  • Eating fatty, greasy and spicy food items increase the risk related to indigestion.
  • Lying down after having lunch or dinner creates difficulty in digestion and increases the risk related to abdominal discomfort.
  • Lack of regular activity may also cause indigestion.

Along with this, you may deal with the problem of poor digestion because of following activities:

  • Tobacco or cigarette smoking on a frequent basis
  • Drinking/consuming alcoholic beverages in excessive amounts
  • Side effects of few medicines, particularly ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen and other types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory type of drugs.

Functional Dyspepsia

Excluding the common causes and aforementioned activities, indigestion problem takes place in patients because of functional dyspepsia. This takes place because of squeezing action or muscular motility in an abnormal way in the muscles of one’s stomach, where the digestion procedure takes place and in the area of food movement in the small intestine.

How to Treat the Problem of Indigestion?

Since indigestion is a symptom rather than an illness, its treatment depends on the particular condition of the body. However, the best treatment of indigestion problem lies in avoiding all types of food items and situations, which may cause indigestion. If general indigestion is causing diarrhea in you then the following tips can help in getting rid of diarrhea caused by indigestion:

  • Avoid chewing the food by keeping your mouth open.
  • Avoid talking with others or engaging in any activity on your mobile while chewing or having your food.
  • Make your habit to eat your food at the moderate speed.
  • Try to drink water or any other fluid before or after having your meal instead of during it.
  • Strictly avoid consuming any food during the late night or midnight hours.
  • Try to have some relaxation activities after consuming your meals rather than sleeping.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking activity and consumption of spicy food items.
  • If you require any aspirin-based medicine, you should go for any medicine based on acetaminophen. Reason for this is that aspirin may result in irritation of your stomach lining and cause indigestion.
  • Make your habit to sleep by keeping your head in elevated condition, i.e. up to approximately 6 inches above the feet and use proper pillows. In this way, the flow of digestive juices will take place within your intestine instead of taking place in your esophagus.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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