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Coping Methods & Lifestyle Changes For Nicotine Dependence

Smoking cigarettes or any other tobacco product involves both psychological habit and physical addiction. The nicotine obtained from cigars or cigarettes provides a highly addictive and makes us nicotine dependence. Whenever you eliminate or stop smoking, the regular fix of nicotine forces your body to experience cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms. (1)

Coping Methods For Nicotine Dependence/Smoking Activities

Coping Methods For Nicotine Dependence/Smoking Activities

Set Up A Proper Plan To Overcome Nicotine Dependence

Set a Specific Quit Date: You should select data within the upcoming two weeks to quick your habit of smoking cigarettes. This gives you enough time for the preparation without losing your motivation.

Tell Your Plan To Quit Smoking To Your Friends And Family Members: You should let your family members and friends be the part of your quit smoking plan so that you get enough support and proper encouragement.

Prepare Yourself with Challenges Ahead: Other than selecting a specific date, you have to prepare yourself to deal with common challenges in your way, such as cigarette cravings and nicotine withdrawal problems. (1)

Try a Few of the Alternative Tobacco Products

Doctors recommend you a few of the stop-smoking products. These include the following-

Dissolvable Tobacco Products: Tobacco lozenges, pouches, strips and other similar types of products have nicotine in small amounts, which you hold and dissolve in the mouth.

E-Cigarettes: E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are few of the battery-powered devices, which heat the liquid present in nicotine into an inhaled vapor.

Flavored Cigarettes: Flavored cigarettes and clove cigarettes are recommendable in some cases as coping methods related to tobacco smoking. Even though these products come with an almost similar type of health risks, as you may find in any regular cigarette, they are available in various countries. (2)

Lifestyle Changes To Overcome Nicotine Dependence

Control Your Cravings to Smoke

Few of the smokers may easily quit nicotine or tobacco smoking without feeling any urge/craving to smoke further. However, if you are facing difficulty to control your cravings, you have to identify your smoke identifiers. Accordingly, you should try-

Delay Acting on Your Smoking Urge: This step lets you reduce and ultimately stop your cravings to smoke after only a few minutes.

Deep Breathing: You should take a few long and slow breaths.

Distract From Smoking: Distract your mind off from tobacco smoking by doing other activities. This may be anything, like listening to your favorite music, chatting with one of your friends, going for a long drive or walk and so on.

Sip Water Slowly For Savoring Your Taste: You should sip water at a slow rate to savor your taste and control your cravings. (3)

Management Of Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

You have to do the following things to manage your nicotine withdrawal symptoms-

Regular Physical Exercise: Regular physical exercise has proved to be beneficial to reduce your withdrawal symptoms and stop cigarette/tobacco smoking.

Wait Out Your Cravings: Urges or cravings often last for 5minutes. During this phase, you should wash dishes and have any healthy snack or fruit to keep your hands and mouth busy.

Identify Rationalizations: You should review various strong reasons to quit and replace your thought of smoking one cigarette may not hurt with anything positive to give support to your stopping tobacco products.

Communicate With A Supporting Person: If you often feel depressed or anxious or need motivation, you should approach and communicate with a support person to help you in managing your cravings.

Strictly Avoid Any High-Risk Situation: You should stay aware of your triggers and strictly avoid the company of people or visiting such places, which tempt you towards nicotine dependence.

Have Healthy Meals Regularly: You have to make a habit of healthy meals. For this, you should include fruits and veggies in enough amounts in your daily diet. In addition, you should intake water in high amounts as possible. (2)


To conclude, we should say that with proper lifestyle changes, you may easily avoid your nicotine dependence for a lifetime.


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