How Are Teens More Prone To Addiction

Teens and Addiction do go hand in hand!

It is sad that we hear this so often.

However, there is no denying that teenagers are more susceptible to drugs than any other age group.

Teens use Illicit drugs in social gatherings!

But, why?

Well, it is for two main reasons.

– To relax and reduce suppression of mental health problems that come with age.

– They are under a lot of peer pressure which emotionally forces them.

Teens often try party drugs at first because of pressure from their peers, but then they are chased by euphoria and relief from problems. As a result, many teens try drugs, but some develop chemical addiction that persists into adulthood.

Today’s generation of youngsters always wishes to understand whether there is any science behind this craving.

Or, it could be the parents who would want to know more about it. the

This means breaking down everything in ways they understand when it comes to the dangers of drug abuse.

In short, young brains are still in the making!

Every day, hundreds of teens take drugs and alcohol into their lives when they are only 12-14 years old. In addition, millions of young people are diagnosed with substance abuse and addiction each year, and of course, many of us are plagued by this shocking reality.

Signs The Teen Is Addicted To Drugs

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that the teen is addicted to drugs. If you doubt someone, then you should look for these signs.

1. Sudden Changes In Behavior

Your teen is emotionally unstable and changes from happiness to hostility in minutes. He or she can be defensive, negative, delusional, aggressive, have mood disorders, or have anxiety.

2. Isolated Or Deceitful

You may be right to think your teen is trying to conceal something from you!

Then there is a possibility that you could be right.

– Your child takes more than the standard time to answer your questions.

– Are lost most of the time or give indirect answers.

– They are literally caught with endless excuses and often lock their door whenever possible.

3. Drastic Changes In Physical Appearances

A clear sign of a serious issue is when the sudden drastic change in physical appearance can develop after they start using drugs.

Teens are usually very concerned about their appearance. As a result, they may try to improve their appearance or keep up with fashion trends in their school.

4. Changes In Appetite & Sleep

Parents may notice that teens are not eating as much as they used to. In other cases, the appetite may suddenly increase without any apparent explanation.

In addition to seemingly irregular changes in the teen’s appetite, parents should put extra attention to sleeping patterns.

5. Things Around The Room

Some are prominent signs that something is happening with your teen is finding these things around.

But sometimes, these clues are more subtle!

– Be alert of the unusual changes in your environment, such as:

– Unfamiliar wrappers and contents.

– Equipment which is related to drugs, eye drops, smoking equipment, syringes, etc. Prescriptions stolen or pill cases empty before time.

These Are Some Of The Reasons Why Teens Are More Addicted To Drugs

As told by the expert of some of the well-known experts from recovery centers, these are the reasons for teens being more prone to drug addiction.

1. Peer Pressure

It’s one of the oldest reasons and now looks like a cliché!

But a crowd of your child’s friends has a very real influence on their drug use.

Individuals are more likely to use drugs or alcohol in groups where this behavior is acceptable. Otherwise, substance abuse rates can drop dramatically.

2. Confidence Issues Due To Hormonal Changes

Many young women and men will start taking drugs and stimulants to lose weight.

It’s part of a destructive following of that unrealistic body shape that causes many teens to suffer from eating disorders each year.

In addition to stimulant use, the desire to lose weight leads to more alcohol and tobacco use

3. Mental Health Issues Due To Abuse

Many young people start using drugs to numb the pain of physical or sexual abuse. This is a very serious situation as isolation only drives them further down the addiction spiral.

This is why it is also important to protect the teen from these situations and take care of their mental health as well.

4. Conflicts In The Family

Parents who regularly have conflicts, or those who have recently separated or divorced, may influence young people to drug use.

Some people take medicine to self-treat their pain.

While others will start experimenting as a rebellion against their stress-causing parents.

Whenever you talk about a recovery plan for a teenager, this is the first thing that they will offer.

A chance to resolve all the family conflicts. Plus, if the teen is already seeing family members under the influence, they will be more interested in experimenting.

5. Genetically Inherited

Numerous studies have shown a genetic link to addiction.

Teens with parents, close family members, relatives, or even grandparents with alcohol problems are more likely to develop alcoholism.

It is influenced by environmental factors as well as changes in multiple genes. Everyone inherits a unique and different combination of genetic mutations.

People with substance use disorders may have different underlying genetic causes.

Spread Awareness, Protect The Youth!

There are some things that you need to alert your teen about.

Falling prey to drug addiction is definitely one of them.

If you find your teen under the influence of substances, you must hold your calm. There is no point in losing all your patience.

It goes the same for when someone comes up to confess because it took them a lot of courage.

You need to have a plan and a recovery center on the speed dial!

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