What Happens After Using Crystal Meth & How to Identify if Someone is Using Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth is used by several people around the globe for recreational purposes. Here is all that you should know about crystal meth in details.

Being a highly addictive and strong drug, crystal methamphetamine which is commonly known as crystal meth, affects the body’s central nervous system. Crystal meth is available in shiny blue-white rocks or clear crystal chunks and is a famous party drug. Crystal meth is popularly known as ‘glass’ or ‘ice’ and is used illegally all around the globe. Here is all that you should know about crystal meth in details.

Crystal Meth: What You Should Know

In order to smoke crystal meth, users make use of a small glass pipe. However, many people prefer snorting it or swallowing it or even injecting it directly into their veins. Those who have used crystal meth claim that it gives them a rush of euphoria right after use. However, such people fail to realize how dangerous crystal meth can be for their body, as it can cause extensive damage and also give rise to psychological problems in future. It is important that you should know about crystal meth and its effects to safeguard your health.

What Happens After Using Crystal Meth?

What Happens After Using Crystal Meth?

Using crystal meth gives the individual a powerful rush which is the reason why several of them get hooked onto it from the very first use. A chemical known as dopamine floods various parts of your brain as soon as crystal meth enters your body. This regulates a feeling of pleasure in the user. The user also begins to feel energized and confident about himself.

Addiction to crystal meth is quick and powerful and users feel that they can do just anything to feel that rush again and again. The most important thing you should know about crystal meth is that continuous use of crystal meth helps the person build up tolerance for it. This means in order to get a high, body will now require higher doses of the drug. What they fail to realize is that higher the dose of crystal meth more the risk.

What are the Negative Effects of Crystal Meth?

It is necessary that you should know the most common negative effects of crystal meth on the human body:

  • When a person uses crystal meth, the body’s temperature raises. In severe cases the person may either pass out or even die.
  • Crystal meth users often become paranoid. On reaching this stage, the person starts hearing and seeing things which aren’t there in reality. They might hurt themselves or those around them.
  • At an advanced level, the user feels as if insects are crawling under his skin.
  • It has been studied that crystal meth makes a person feel confused and anxious. Too much usage causes insomnia, triggers off violent behavior and also gives rise to mood swings.
  • Crystal meth users start looking quite different than what they were earlier. They age very quickly, mouth becomes dry and stained while teeth begin to break and rot.
  • Crystal meth has adverse effects on the user’s skin. The skin not only looks lifeless and dull but pimples and sores begin to develop rapidly and become hard to heal.
  • HIV and AIDS is a major risk factor for crystal meth users. The user is unable to judge well and inhibitions might reduce gradually. Unsafe sex is often practiced by crystal meth users especially when under the influence of the drug. Also, the risk of HIV increases with use of syringes to inject the drug, in an unsafe manner.

How to Identify if Someone is Using Crystal Meth?

It is important that you should know about identifying crystal meth users. If you notice certain changes in people around you, consider the mentioned below signs and judge whether they are using crystal meth regularly.

  • Careless about one’s personal appearance or proper grooming
  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss with no will to eat can be a sign of the person being addicted to crystal meth
  • Picking at the skin or hair obsessively can also be sign of person using crystal meth.
  • Twitching of the face
  • User talks constantly with mannerisms being animated or exaggerated
  • Movements are jerky and erratic
  • Rapid movement of eyes with pupils becoming dilated.
  • Weird sleeping patterns. Users might stay up for days at a time
  • Stealing and borrowing money and selling possessions to get money. All the money is then used to buy crystal meth
  • Hallucinations, paranoia and other psychotic behavior
  • Sudden mood swings or outbursts of anger can also be a sign of person using crystal meth

How to Treat Crystal Meth Addiction?

One of the most difficult addictions to treat is undoubtedly crystal meth addiction. However, several people have been treated in the past and many are currently undergoing treatment for the same. The best way to treat people with crystal meth addiction is to register them for a formal drug treatment program which will help cure the person slowly but thoroughly.

Alternately, you can also hire a professional counselor who will guide and help them get free from the addiction to meth. Such a counselor helps the addicts to regain control of their life and gradually start leading a normal life. The counselor also helps the addict realize that there is life beyond crystal meth addiction, which is far better than the one they are leading now. While crystal meth addiction can be commonly seen in teens and young adults, anyone can get into such a habit. Weak-willed people who have friends with such addictions, or those who are depressed, fighting with illnesses or problems in life are often attracted to runaways like crystal meth addiction. It is necessary that you should know about crystal meth, its effects and ways to identify, so that timely help can be provided to your dear ones.

Origin of Crystal Meth

This drug is a man-made stimulant which was invented long time ago during the Second World War and given to the soldiers in order to prevent them from sleeping. People who wish to ease their depression and lose weight also consume this drug.

In today’s times, there is one a single type of meth product sold legally. Though rarely used and available only with a prescription, this tablet is effective in treating ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity. However, you should know that uncontrolled use of crystal meth can cause problems, hence should be taken only if medically prescribed.

The main ingredient in this drug is pseudoephedrine which is also found in several medicines administered for cold and cough. One of the major benefits of this ingredient is that it helps relieve congestion. Since it is used to make crystal meth, the medicines which contain this ingredient are closely regulated by the Federal Government to ensure that it is not misused in any way.

Studies reveal that Mexico is the largest supplier of crystal meth in the United States. However, several small laboratories in U.S. also manufacture this drug extensively. Several people have taken up this business right in their homes. People handling crystal meth should also know that meth production dangerous is since several toxic chemicals are involved, which can cause massive explosions if mishandled.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
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