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Coping Methods For Nickel Allergy

Nearly one in 10 of us has an allergy to a common metal that often results in burning rashes or weeping sores. The Food Standards Agency estimates that between 7% and 10% of people suffer from some sort of nickel allergy – predominantly young girls and women who develop the allergy by reacting to nickel-coated jewelry.

One of the obvious reason for this problem is, nickel being the cheapest metal finds its place in various fashion jewelry starting from hoop earrings to arms laden and gilt bangles gaining the attraction of most women and eventually leaving an attractive smear of green verdigris on the skin. In fact, shoes bucks and bra books develop itchy red rashes on arms and areas touching this metal. Nevertheless, there are ways to beat it.

Coping Methods For Nickel Allergy

Coping Methods For Nickel Allergy

Generally, most people try paraffin creams and bromide baths to get rid of this allergy and to get soft spot-free skin. In some cases, it really works and you see amazingly scar-free skin. But, in many instances, your home remedies suck. Therefore, people often try for other alternate therapies for atopic dermatitis. Let us explore some of the ways in this article with which we can find some solution to nickel allergy:

Acupuncture For Stress And Allergies – Although many people are nervous about needles, yet there are extensive benefits of acupuncture and a great coping method to reduce stress and allergy syndromes. It is very much similar to a lab test in Western medicine. An initial diagnosis is done based on the history of the allergy and overall body health. Later, the procedure is carried out with gold plated nickel free needles that are injected into the skin and muscles. One of the best positivity about this procedure is, acupuncture does not produce adverse side effects and it is very refreshing.1

Stress Relief Procedure To Improve Allergy Conditions – While stress does not actually cause allergies, it can make an allergic reaction worse. When you have stress, your body releases hormones and other chemicals such as histamines that results in allergic symptoms. Therefore, medical studies estimate that stress and allergies go in tandem.

Chronic stress can infect many cells that can lead to symptoms and increase the chances of illness. There are certain stress relief strategies:

  • Figure out what is causing the stress and remove or reduce the source especially during when you exposed to allergic conditions
  • Have proper sleep every day and not only during weekends. Getting enough sleep can perhaps restore body balance and heal allergic conditions.
  • Lead a balanced lifestyle with regular exercises and healthy diet. Exercise produces epinephrine, a natural decongestant that aids your breathing levels.

Follow your allergy medications at proper intervals because this can help improve anxiety and depression.2,3

Avoid Exposure To Nickel- Nickel allergy develops only after exposure and usually triggers later in life when there is a trauma to the skin. When you suffer from this condition, the best treatment to prevent allergic dermatitis is to prevent exposure to the metal and block the direct contact between the skin and nickel. Nickel is also found in many foods and apparently long-term exposure to nickel fumes can lead to cancer and death. Therefore limiting exposure to these conditions can help you improve nickel allergy though you cannot cure completely.4

Managing Nickel Allergy Through Treatment And Medications – Several medications such as topical corticosteroids and prednisone can help treat allergic reactions due to nickel. However, when the conditions are severe, talk to your doctor immediately because they can indicate an infection that requires treatment with antibiotics.5


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