Android Apps For Stress Relief: An essential tool in self help therapy for stress reduction!

Current day has made human life so hectic that very often one does not get time to relax himself or spend some stress free time for self. With the busy daily schedule we very often meet with an over burdened condition where everything looks and feels so much irritated, out of the likeliness list and make us turn pretty stressed and which further leads to various types of depression and mental illness. The very old belief comes right here for each individual struggling through a stressed life. “No one is ought there to take away your pain, if you are not for self!” So, it is always a better act to try help yourself come out of pain or stress and keep a relaxing phase for self even during your busy times. Among all possible ways to help yourself from getting relief of stress and burden that can affect you harshly; taking assistance from android apps for stress relief could be one of the smart choice. Just imagine using your smartphone in some real smart act instead turning out crazy by simply wearing that smart device on your pocket! This current article will have some crucial discussion on stress symptoms and causes and will make a highlighted section on various android apps for stress relief available on google play for your easy and quick download.

Android Apps For Stress Relief: An essential tool in self help therapy for stress reduction!

Know About Stress Signs, Symptoms And Its Causes:

“Stress is as common as a normal life in today’s world!” Because of the advancing world, because of growing modernity and additional pressure at work and personal life; most individual meets with a condition called Stress which can impact in a very bad way to their health and life. Stress is actually a physical response of one’s body to all the imbalanced or out of line events which either threatens a person or makes him or her depressed or irritated.

Stress Symptoms:

General And Early Symptoms Of Stress Are:

  • Heart beat grows faster
  • Body temperature may rise sometimes
  • Rise in blood pressure seen
  • Muscle gets tighten.

Active Symptoms Of Stress Which Grows With Increasing Severity:

  • Difficulty in focusing
  • Problems of memory loss
  • Racing thoughts
  • Constant issue of extra worrying
  • Moodiness
  • Problem in decision making
  • Encountering depression
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Irregularity in eating habits
  • Sleeping issues
  • Loss of libido
  • Chest pain
  • Increasing chances of alcoholism.

Causes Of Stress:

“You cannot reach the final destination, unless you have known the starting point.” Here below are some of the common causes of stress.

  • Change in lifestyle may cause stress
  • Hectic school or office schedule
  • Family and children responsibility
  • Relationship problems may cause stress
  • Financial crisis may lead to stress.

Apart from all these external causes of stress, a person can also be trapped with the inner evil causes that might lead to stress condition. Below are some of the internal causes leading to stress.

  • A self zero feeling
  • Feeling of nothingness
  • Self negative talks.

How Can Android Apps For Stress Relief Help You Overcome Stress?

One can help self from getting rid of the stress condition in many ways. Amongst all the effective self help therapies for stress relief, perhaps taking help of some real effective android apps for stress relief can be a genuine act of self help therapy in relaxing self in a much better way. Today, most of us keep a smartphone with us and android is off course the most common smartphone OS today. Why not utilize the same in something better? Here below are some ways one can be benefited from android apps for stress relief.

  • Relieving stress require proper exercise, diet and healthy habits of living life. Android apps for stress relief provides you with better exercises and healthy diets that assist you in increasing relaxation at mind and help you in stress relief.
  • “Motivation is the greatest power of healing” The best android apps for stress relief provided a great number of motivation tips, motivational videos and images which can help you reduce your stress level and treat yourself at the best
  • You get linked with various communities for open discussion on stress related issues and thus keep a healthy touch with the world for betterment of health and mind
  • There are a number of articles, news, journals etc which can be read via the android apps for stress relief at the finger tip tap.
  • These apps are easy and quick to download and mostly free or very less priced and thus affordable by every common man having an android device.

Most Popular Android Apps For Stress Relief:

Here below is the section for some of the most popular android applications for stress relief. So, have a read on the following array and find out your favorite android apps for stress relief in next few minutes!

  1. Stress Relief- Android App: This is a real essential android app for stress relief. Look below for some special features of the app.

    Pricing- Free

    Rating: 4.1 star

    Special Features Included In The Android App:

    • Helps you properly guide in coming out of worrying thoughts
    • Helps you know about hypnosis exercises and in turn reduces stress
    • The app allows you with a feature of skype setup for taking video call sessions on reducing stress or stress relief.
  2. Relax Lite- Stress Relief: One more decent android app for stress relief comes here. Below mentioned are some of the most essential app features of the Relax-Lite: Stress relief android app.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 3.6 star

    Special Features Of The Android App Includes:

    • Helps you reduce stress in five minutes
    • Act as an essential tool for stress relief and also has nine other health benefits.
    • Calming music introduced in the app feature help you relax and go for breathing exercises for better mind health
    • Assists you in getting balance by treating anxiety.
    • Great app to begin meditation
  3. Natural Stress Relief Hypnosis: Hypnosis is a wonderful process of growing suggestibility to the subconscious mind while it is in the hypnosis condition. These hypnosis activities can have a great positive effect on mind and keep a better mind health out of stress and pressure of daily life. Natural stress relief hypnosis is a wonderful stress reducing app that comes in audio series now. Look below for its features and other details.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 4 star

    Special Features Include:

    • This is a great app which help you relieve stress and get balance at mind easily.
    • You can get to be in the wonderful hypnosis exercises pretty easily with the audio app.
    • You do not have to read the contents and everything comes in audio which can be done with enough relaxation.
  4. Stress Reduction- Audio- Full:This is another great audio app for stress relief. Look below for some of the special features and other details.

    Pricing- Free

    Rating- 4.5 star

    Special Features Included In The Android App:

    • This is another audio app that helps in stress reduction
    • The app holds amazing relaxing music background.
    • You learn three prime relaxing technique with the app. One is relaxing and breathing where you train your muscles with proper breathing exercises. Another technique is relaxing and visualizing that helps you relax your muscle, mind and vision. There is another technique included in the app called contrast technique where your muscles are first tense and then relaxed.
  5. Fingerprint Stress Check: “Technology is vast!” This wonderful android app shows how transcendent this technology is in real! Look below for the beneficial features of this stress relief android app.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 3.5 star

    Special Features Of The Android App Include:

    • This is a real wonderful android app that helps you track your stress level and helps you manage your mind and body accordingly
    • The app tracks your heart rate and takes your fingerprint via your phone’s back camera to record the physical stress level.
    • Easy and simple to use UI
    • Wonderful way to track your progress and manage your stress accordingly
    • You can determine the stress under different stress condition right from your android mobile or tablet.
    • There is no need of any other hardware for tracking stress.
  6. Anti-Stress Exercise: Exercises are the best medicine for reducing stress. Anti-Stress exercise is one of the best android app for stress relief which helps you learn about various anti-stress or breathing exercises in a better way. Look below for the special features and other details of the android app.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 3.7 star

    Special Features Of The Android App Include:

    • The app carries essential tips of stress relief
    • It helps you learn and trains you with breathing exercises that helps you in relaxing and relieving stress. There are clear presentation of learning procedures.
    • The app holds notification feature or the reminder feature which notifies you when you have to exercise.
  7. Relaxing- Antistress- Sound: Diverting mind from stress and pressure conditions can help you relax yourself and keep a stress free mind. Natural sounds that calm your mind can help you divert self in a better way. This Relaxing- Antistress- Sound app is a superb android app for reducing stress. Let us look below for some of its special features.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 3.9 star

    Special Features Include:

    • You can control anxiety, anger, racing thoughts, depression etc via this app
    • The app holds natural sounds and soothing visual images that helps your relax yourself in a great way,
    • There are visual images and natural sounds of rain, wave, forest, space and fire. You can change the images or sound settings as per your choice at your preferred time.

So now that you are aware of some of the most popular android apps for stress relief, why not try out any of the preferred apps by yourself and experience the benefits by self? Download and install the apps in your android phone today and begin with your self help therapy for stress relief. Because, “You are your best partner for life!”

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