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How Long Will It Take To Recover From Non-Allergic Rhinitis & How Long Does The Symptoms Last?

Non-allergic rhinitis is not a life-threatening condition, how during several instances, it significantly impacts the quality of your life. It triggers the inner membranes of the nose to become inflamed, leading to a cold-like warning sign. This inflammation can cause a variety of annoying symptoms, including sneezing and itching. The cause of nonallergic rhinitis is mostly due to infection however irritants can worsen the condition.

People with this condition are generally very sensitive to irritants and face severe discomforts when exposed to even low concentration of irritants. Non-allergic rhinitis develops typically in adulthood and the recovery is quite long.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Non-Allergic Rhinitis?

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Non-Allergic Rhinitis?

Unlike allergic rhinitis, nonallergic rhinitis does not affect your immune system. However, this condition is widely prevalent across many countries. A medical survey was conducted in many American countries and their results stated that around 60 million Americans are affected with allergic rhinitis in comparison to 19 million non-allergic rhinitis cases.

It is yet another agony as allergic rhinitis and involves complications such as

Sinusitis– An inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the sinuses often followed by a cold and cause pain and pressure in your head and face.

Otitis Media– This condition occurs when the mucosal lining of the tube is swollen, or does not open or close properly.

Anosmia– A complete loss of smell caused by severely stuffy nose within the olfactory system due to construction or obstruction of nasal passages

Sleep Apnea– A potential sleep disorder causing breathing to stop involuntarily for brief periods.

These complications can result in decreased production at work and increased doctor visits to get relief and to recover from these symptoms. 1. 2.

There is no permanent cure for non-allergic rhinitis however it can be kept under control by avoiding triggers. When the rhinitis is caused by a viral infection, it gets resolved on its own without requiring medical treatment. However, severe forms of allergic rhinitis are treated through over the counter nasal sprays and decongestants.

The recovery of non-allergic rhinitis depends on the cause, triggering this condition. In some cases, the recovery is very quick and lasts for a few hours. For instance, patients suffering from acute rhinitis are treated with propolis nasal spray and the recovery time is roughly around 7-10 days. On the other hand, chronic conditions take a longer time for recovery. Clinical studies show that the recovery is indefinite for certain chronic conditions. 3.

How Long Does Non-Allergic Rhinitis Last?

Non-allergic rhinitis typically occurs based on various factors such as allergens, pollution, food & beverages, and certain medications, when you are exposed to any of these symptoms, you have a higher possibility of getting affected with this condition. During many instances, these exposures are truly unavoidable, and the condition exists for weeks to months.

The cells of your body respond to these triggers or irritants by circulating histamine and further compounds. It is often a transient disorder and gets clear on its own upon few days. However, when the condition is chronic, the condition persists for a longer time and recurs often.

Studies show that repeated application of capsaicin (an active component of chili peppers used to relieve the pain of cluster headaches and nasal congestion) provided complete relief in less than 7- 8 months.

Non-allergic rhinitis is not generally detrimental but then again it can be frustrating and impinge on your quality of life. The safest therapy depends on how acute the condition is and whatever’s triggering it. In several instances, averting specific triggers and following self-care procedures, such as cleaning your nasal passageways, might lessen your symptoms 4. 5.


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