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Can Sneezing Hurt My Baby?

Pregnant mothers are really protective and always worried about the baby inside them. They try to avoid anything and everything that will cause any harm to their baby or result in any kind of risk during the pregnancy. A very common question which a lot of pregnant mothers often ask their doctors and on online forums is “can sneezing hurt my baby?”. So if you have the same thing in mind, give a read to our article which will help you clear all kind of doubts.

What Can Cause Sneezing During Pregnancy?

Doctors have stated different reasons which can cause sneezing during pregnancy. Here are some of them.

Pregnancy Rhinitis – Many women tend to sneeze a lot more when they are pregnant than normal. This is because of pregnancy rhinitis. What exactly is it? Pregnancy rhinitis is a nasal congestion which can arise at any point when a woman is pregnant but is usually resolved within a time of 2-3 weeks after the baby has been delivered. The symptoms of rhinitis include a runny nose, frequent sneezing, and stuffiness. The exact cause of this condition is not known but many doctors believe it is because of hormones changes.

Allergies – A very common cause of sneezing is allergy. Those who are allergic to particular things will continue to experience the symptoms of allergy even when they are pregnant. Allergies can be of various types like dust, pollen, pet dander, and/or seasonal allergy.

Cold and Flu – When you are pregnant, the metabolic system tends to get vulnerable. Normally, the germs of flu and cold are quickly taken care of by the immune system. However, when you are carrying a baby it tends to take any action much slower than before to prevent any harm to the growing baby inside you.

Can Sneezing Hurt My Baby?

Can Sneezing Hurt My Baby?

The answer to this question is a big NO. Doctors have said that sneezing is a natural action that the body experiences. It is not forceful or very intensive. Your baby is well protected and no matter how many times you sneeze throughout the day, your baby will always be safe. There is no direct effect of sneezing when you are pregnant. Even though sneezing can never be a risk or threat to the baby you are carrying, the reason for the sneezes can be.

A cold or flu and even allergic sneezing have an indirect effect on your baby. When you are down with cold or flu, your body becomes even weaker and therefore the baby will not be able to get the required minerals to grow. On the other hand, if you have respiratory problems due to allergy, you may have trouble breathing and that is why the baby may not receive ample air to breathe.

So make sure that you visit a doctor immediately if you tend to sneeze continuously for a long period of time. Getting contracted with any disease will cause you and your baby more harm than sneezing.

How To Prevent Sneezing During Pregnancy?

Even if you want to prevent sneezing because you feel that it may harm the baby, we won’t be surprised. Mothers are very much protective and as we mentioned before, they will try to prevent anything that may bring harm to their baby. Here are effective ways in which you can prevent sneezing during pregnancy and give yourself a peace of mind.

Humidifier – With the help of a humidifier you will be able to prevent dry and rough air to irritate the nasal passages which cause sneezing.

Air Purifier – An air purifier is very much effective to prevent sneezing caused by allergens. These devices collect the most common allergies like dust, mould or pollen from the room.

Nasal Spray – Whenever you feel that your nose seems to be dry and irritated, you can use a nasal spray to clear out the respiratory sinuses.

Mask – Use a mask when you go out or inside the home as well if your sneezing is triggered by different allergens and pollutants.

Flu Shot – A flu shot is given to pregnant mothers to effectively combat flu germs and bacteria that might affect the woman’s body.

So here are some of the most efficient and easiest way to prevent sneezing during pregnancy. These are absolutely affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket if you tend to follow any of them.

Final Verdict –

Sneezing during pregnancy is a common phenomenon and almost every woman experience it. There is nothing to fear about when you sneeze because your body does it everything it needs to keep your baby safe. But the cause of the constant sneezes should be diagnosed and if it is because of any illness then you will need to treat it as soon as possible.


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