6 Alternative Ways to Treat Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

An approximate number of 37 million or more Americans are affected by Chronic Sinusitis. It is the most observed condition seen in the U.S. This condition can affect the lifestyle of an individual as it is associated with constant pain and discomfort. The following 6 alternative treatments can help the patients who are suffering from Sinusitis or Sinus Infection.

6 Alternative Ways to Treat Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

  1. Infrared Light Therapy as an Alternative Treatment for Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

    Infrared energy penetrates into the body up to several inches and heats it from the inside. The heat and the lamps of various frequencies are used for improving oxygenation, circulation and hydration. This disables all the micro organisms that cause this disease. The frequency of light that is emitted from these infrared lamps has proven to be quite beneficial for treating sinusitis or sinus infection.

    Misconceptions and Warnings on Infrared Light Therapy:

    Be aware to stay away from the false claims that are made by the manufacturers on such products. While there are many who will claim of removing harmful toxins from the body, phototherapy does not have the capability to get rid of toxins. While infrared treatment has proven to be effective, it only eliminates the bacterial and fungal infections from the body.

    It is always advisable to speak with the doctor prior to using any lasers that are associated with infrared light therapy. As lasers are stronger than LEDs, they have a tendency to damage the tissues. LEDs show lower damage risks as their heat output is lower and provide enough energy to effectively eliminate the bacteria from the body. Infrared light therapy can affect people with severe health conditions and heart failure adversely.

  2. Homeopathy or Homeopathic Medicine for Treating Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

    Homeopathy is a natural medical branch that uses small doses of plant, animal or mineral derivatives to boost the natural defense system in the human body. Patients of sinusitis or sinus infection can benefit from homeopathic medicine. Rather than alleviating the symptoms, homeopathic medicines have an ability to give rise to similar symptoms that were being treated when given in overdose. The sufferers of sinusitis or sinus infection can greatly benefit from Homeopathy. Below are few of the best homeopathic medicines recommended:

    • Arsenic or Arsenicum: Sinusitis patients are prescribed this medicine who often experience burning pain or throbbing sensations in the sinuses. The pains often worsen by noise, movement after midnight, light and may be triggered by excitability, exertion and anxiety. They may be relieved from such sensations by lying down in a dark room by raising the head with the help of pillows and subjected to cool air. Feelings of nausea and vomiting may be seen appearing with every episode of sinusitis. Despite of feeling boundlessly thirsty, they would sip the water a few times rather than gulping it.
    • Belladonna or Deadly Nightshade: Belladonna can help sinusitis patients. This remedial medicine is effective for those who feel to have a fuller head or seem like a cloud is bursting. The pain stays around the forehead and the areas around the eyes. The pain can worsen when one bends lays flat, bends forward or move the eyeballs. The pain is relieved by applying pressure gradually and sitting upright as well as bending the head backwards. This treatment is also given to those who experience strong pain and it disappears suddenly in a repetitive process. The face becomes flushed and the eyes become photosensitive. Stooping often worsens the dizziness that results after such repetitive occurrences.
    • Heparsulphur or Hahnemann’s Calcium Sulphide: Patients are prescribed Heparsulphur who develop sinusitis when exposed to cold air in less amounts. Sinusitis sufferers can gain from heparsulphur. The condition begins with sneezing and nasal discharge is seen yellow and thick in consistency. The nostrils tend to become sore due to continuous discharge of mucous and there is a feeling of thrusting a nail or a plug in the head with a bursting pain. The headache that is experienced above the nose often worsens when one shakes the head, rides a car, stooping, moves the eyeballs or even with the weight of a hat. Tying a bandage around the head may help in relieving the pain in a great way. The scalp becomes hypersensitive that even combing the hair will give rise to pain.
    • Potassium Bichromate or Kali bichromicum: People who need this medicine often have a stringy and thick discharge from the nose. They experience severe pain at the nasal root and the pain eliminates when pressure is applied. The scalp and the bones feel sore. Nausea and dizziness may be experienced when one rises from his or her seat and the aggravated pain may lead to blurred vision as well. The pain may worsen by light, cold, stooping, walking and in the morning as well as night. People often prefer lying down in a dark room and feel better by warm drinks, overeating or warmth.
    • Windflower or Pulsatilla: This medicine should be taken when the pain worsens while lying down or you feel better in cool air rather than in a warm room. Windflower can relieve sinus infection symptoms. The sinusitis usually begins when the head is overheated. Sitting, eating, stooping, rising from sleep can worsen the pain. They can easily get relief by walking through a room of cold air or wrapping a bandage around the head. The condition is experienced when the individual is under stress. The discharge that comes through the nose is often yellow or green and thick.
    • Pinkroot or Spigella: People who show sinusitis experience sharp pain that is worse on the left side may often need to take this medication. Pinkroot can be used for treating sinusitis. Sufferers tend to experience pain when exposed to wet or cold weather. The pain can also be experienced when the head is bent forward or is exposed to heat. Some cold compressions may be helpful or merely washing the face with cold water may also help.
  3. Acupuncture Treatment for Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

    Acupuncture can be used for treating sinusitis, congestion, allergic symptoms and asthma when used in combination with herbal medicines. The use of dietary therapy and acupuncture can be used for reducing or eliminating the allergic symptoms as well as sinus pain, headache and congestion. Patients have reported a feeling of betterment after using this therapy and have shown improvement as well.

    When you think of undergoing acupuncture for sinus headache, sinusitis, sinus allergy or chronic sinus congestion, the imbalance can be corrected by providing a specific treatment plan for the same. You may get hold of trained specialists or professionals who will offer you the right treatment along with the use of traditional techniques.

  4. Facial Sinus Massage for Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

    Facial sinus massage makes use of mild pressure that is often given with the help of hands on the forehead, cheeks and nose. Sinusitis or Sinus Infection sufferers can gain from Facial Sinus massages without any side effects. Most people often relieve the symptoms with effective medications that are prescribed by the physician. The others often have to undergo multiple massage sessions for getting relief from facial pain, headache and nasal congestion. With a regular massage therapy, the sinusitis can become less severe as the nasal passages will be kept clear of all the debris.

    Can Massage Really Relieve Nasal Congestion?

    Sinus massage often uses the warmth of the hands and with a gentle massage the mucous is broken down that accumulates in the cavities. The natural drainage mechanism is activated for clearing the nasal passages. The sinus function can be improved by improving the blood circulation to the brain. This helps in reducing the blockage and congestion that is causing the unusual pain in the head. Many sufferers are surprised to see a significant result right after the first session of massage therapy.

    Facial sinus massage can help in relieving sinusitis without any medications that can often have associated side effects as well as cause drowsiness. The massage routine is tailored as per the needs of an individual. With a constant relief, massage can be introduced as a part of the treatment plan.

  5. Herbal Medicines for Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

    Below Mentioned Herbal Medicines may be Helpful in Treating Sinusitis or Sinus Infections:

    • Echinacea Root: Echinacea root can relieve the pain caused by sinus infection. The immune system is stimulated by this root including the activity of the lymphatic drainage system. The inflammation in the mucus membrane is reduced. Echinacea renders a beneficial effect on the ecology of mucous membrane.
    • Baikal Skullcap root or Scutellaria Baikalensis: Baikal Skullcap root can help in treating sinusitis. It helps in getting rid of various pathogens along with fungi, bacteria and flu viruses. Its anti-inflammatory property helps in boosting the immune system by getting rid of the allergies.
    • Spilanthes: Spilanthes herb aids in relieving sinus infection. The lymphatic system is stimulated along with the immune system. This is antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in high proportions.
    • Usnea lichen: This herb is antibacterial and anti-fungal against gram-positive bacteria and active against the pathogens that are broad spectrum.
    • Goldenseal Root: Known as Hydrastis Canadensis, this herb is anti-microbial and is highly anti-inflammatory. Goldenseal Root can cure the symptoms of sinus infection. This herb should be used in smaller amounts to avoid any complications that can be caused due to drying of mucous in the nasal cavities.
    • Yerba Santa: Known as Eriodictyon californicum is very useful herb for sinusitis. This herb has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities that help in sinusitis treatment.
  6. Supplements for Dealing with Sinusitis or Sinus Infection

    Following Vitamin Supplements can help in Treating Sinusitis or Sinus Infection:

    • Vitamin E Supplements helps with Sinusitis or Sinus Infection: Vitamin E is an antioxidant and also soluble in fat. Antioxidants protect the cells from being damaged that can often cause disease and are caused by free radicals.
    • Vitamin C Supplement: Vitamin C can really aid the victims of sinusitis. Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system and this has other beneficial symptoms as well. The collagen in synthesized with the use of this vitamin. Norepinephrine- a neurotransmitter also uses this vitamin, and it also has antioxidant properties.
    • Vitamin A Supplement: Vitamin A nourishes the sinus infected patients. Vitamin A consists of a group of various compounds out of which some work as antioxidants. The mucous membrane is maintained in a healthy manner that helps in keeping the bacteria away from the body. The vitamin helps in production of white blood cells, which boosts the immune system.
    • Zinc Supplement: Zinc is available in food in a natural manner or is blended in the form of supplement. Zinc helps in improving the immune function, synthesis of protein, promotes normal growth and reduces inflammation in the nasal cavity.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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