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People think that honey is able to treat the symptoms of allergy. However, doctors would not recommend you to take honey as a primary aid in the relieving of your allergy symptoms. Honey and honey supplements have become a popular way for treating allergy symptoms and for treating the symptoms of asthma. Honey is a natural food that contains pollen allergens and honeybee components. Bee pollen, which you can find in any honey and in every drugstore as a supplement is an anti-inflammatory agent and a natural remedy for allergies.

Is Honey Effective in Treating Allergy Symptoms?

Some other names under which you can find bee pollen include propolis and royal jelly.

Is Honey Effective in Treating Allergy Symptoms?

What is ironic about honey as a natural remedy for allergies is that honey itself contains certain allergens. Honey from local honey makers is abundant in pollen, to which many people are allergic, without being aware of that. That is the irony - you take honey to treat you allergy symptoms and they even get worse since you are also allergic to pollen contained in honey. There were even cases when a person would experience anaphylaxis shock after tasting one tablespoon of honey.

What doctors would recommend to everyone reading this article and who has never tried honey before is to get checked whether or not you have honey allergy. If it turns out that you have honey allergy, avoid honey at every price since you may experience life-threatening anaphylactic shock. On the other hand, if it turns out you do not have honey allergy, you can feel free to have honey anytime as well as use it as a natural remedy for treating your allergy symptoms but you have to remember that it should not be a primary treatment for allergy. In the end, we must say that more clinical studies will be conducted to prove how much honey is efficient in treating allergy symptoms.

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