If You Are Allergic To Bee Stings, Are You Allergic To Honey?

An allergic reaction to bee stings can be extremely serious and even potentially life threatening. It results in a sudden drop in blood pressure along with swelling of the mouth, throat and face. If it remains untreated it may lead to loss of consciousness and even cardiac arrest, which may potentially be lethal for an individual. Thus, it is extremely important for you to know if you are allergic to bee stings.

You may need to consult with your allergist to check out whether you are allergic to honeybee venom. In case if you are found to be allergic to bee stings then along with avoiding bees you need to be extremely careful about what you eat as there are certain foods, which may cause the same allergic reaction as caused by a bee sting.

While there are many foods that can cause an allergic reaction like a bee sting, the question that is asked by most individuals is whether it is safe for them to eat honey. This article gives a brief overview of whether you should eat honey if you are allergic to bee stings.

If You Are Allergic To Bee Stings, Are You Allergic To Honey?

If You Are Allergic To Bee Stings Are You Allergic To Honey?

Studies have shown that the chances of an individual having an allergy to honey increases if that individual is allergic to honeybee venom or those who are sensitive to plant pollens on which honeybees thrive upon.

If an individual is allergic to honey, then after eating it, they may have bouts of itching, vomiting alternating with diarrhea, and persistent sneezing. The most common reason for an individual with bee sting allergy not to have honey is that, honey has in it pollen, which is common in both bees and honey. This pollen is what is responsible for an allergic reaction.

Thus, it is highly recommended that if you are allergic to bee sting, then it is better to stay off honey as it may lead to severe allergic reactions, due to the pollen present in it, some of which may be potentially life threatening.

Thus, the answer to the question that whether you can eat honey if you are allergic to bee stings is that, it is better not to eat honey if you are allergic to bee stings.

Certain types of cakes and pastries tend to have honey in them as added sweeteners. Thus, it is preferable to confirm whether these products have no honey in them before you proceed to eat them so as to prevent yourself from any untoward reaction as a result of allergy to honey.

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