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Back Muscle Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Back Muscle Pain– In today’s busy world, back pain has become a part of life. Almost everyone complains of back pain at one time or the other. This back pain can be caused due to numerous factors and one of them is Back Muscle Pain. It is also known by the name of Back Muscle Spasm or Torn Back Muscle. The following article discusses in detail about Back Muscle Pain.

Back Muscle Pain

What Is Back Muscle Pain?

Back Muscle Pain also known by the name of Torn Back Muscle or Back Muscle Strain is quite a common cause for back pain in people. Majority of back pain complaints are due to Back Muscle Pain. The good thing about this condition is that it is one of the quickest back conditions to heal.

What Are The Causes Of Back Muscle Pain?

In most of the cases, Low Back Pain is caused due to irritation or inflammation of a muscle, joint, or ligament. Usually, these conditions arise due to muscle, ligament or joint strains as a result of repetitive bending or stooping, or lifting heavy objects. Repeated heavy lifting, improper lifting postures, sporting injuries where an athlete puts undue pressure on the back tend to cause excessive pressure on the muscles of the back resulting in Back Muscle Pain.

What Are The Symptoms Of Back Muscle Pain?

What Are The Symptoms Of Back Muscle Pain?

The symptoms of Back Muscle Pain may vary from being just a subtle discomfort to being a severely incapacitating pain. Some of the symptoms of Back Muscle Pain are:

  • Localized back pain without any radiation to the lower extremities
  • Presence of tenderness or spasm in the back
  • Severe back stiffness
  • Sudden onset back pain, especially with heavy activities.

How Is Back Muscle Pain Diagnosed?

It is quite tough to notice a difference between a back muscle pain or a back pain caused due to ligament injuries as both have similar group of symptoms.(1) Usually, the method of diagnosing the cause for both Back Muscle Pain and Ligament injuries are pretty much the same. Both of these conditions are commonly referred to as Back Strain or Musculoligamentous Strains. Since x-ray is not an optimal diagnostic tool to identify this condition, hence MRI is usually done to diagnose this condition, as it gives a clear picture of the internal structures of the back and it is easy to identify the problem area via the MRI scan.

What Are Treatments For Back Muscle Pain?

The affected individual will be referred to an ortho-spine specialist who will formulate a detailed treatment plan for the patient. Referral to a physical therapist may also be done. The treatment for back pain depends totally on the causes of it but usually physical therapy optimized for symptomatic control is done to calm down the irritation and inflammation of the muscles of the back and get rid of the disabling Back Muscle Pain at the earliest possible time.


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