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Can Bone Spurs On The Spine Be Removed?

The joints where the two bones meet, a small growth may occur around the perimeter of the bones which is known as a bone spur.(1) Mostly bone spurs show no symptoms but is the bone spur is around or in the spine, and then there may be local pain and radiations. The radiating pain occurs when a bone spur grows in the spinal cord since the proximity of the canal is so less that even a slight growth may touch the nerves and the nerve roots. If the growth results in even compressing a single nerve, one might feel debilitating pain. Often constant pain and stiffness in your back and in your spine for weeks and no home remedies are being able to curb the pain then you should visit a doctor. Often the diagnosis refers to a bone spur. If a bone spur has developed in your spine or anywhere in your body, there are several treatment options which will not only help to manage the pain but also will alleviate the bone spur.

Can Bone Spurs On The Spine Be Removed?

Can Bone Spurs On The Spine Be Removed?

A surgery which is minimally invasive can be performed if no medications and other conservative treatments help you to get relieved of bone spurs on the spine. The conservative treatments for bone spurs on the spine helps manage the pain but surgeries like Foraminotomy and Laminectomy release pressure from the nerve cells and remove bone spurs along with its symptoms.

The surgery to remove the lamina is called as Laminectomy. The part of the bone which constitutes in making the spine’s vertebra is called as lamina. To remove bone spurs from the spine and take off any pressure that is on your spinal cord and spinal nerve this surgery is done. The similar surgery to remove the pressure on the nerve cells of the Foraminal canal is called Forminotomy. In case of severe bone spur, the traditional method of spinal fusion is recommended.(2)

Conservative Treatments For Removing Bone Spurs On The Spine

  • Medication: Out of all the conservative bone spur treatment, medication is the most recommended one. For bone spurs, you can get medicines with prescribed drugs from your doctor or over the counter even. In order to get rid of the symptom like pain caused due to bone spurs in the spine, you can take in anti-inflammatory drugs. In case oral medicines fail to work, you can get an epidural steroid injection. The steroid has strong anti-inflammatory action which will numb the area and curb the local pain when injected into the epidural space of the spine directly. The dosage of the medication will be prescribed by the doctor according to the regimen of your specific needs.
  • Exercise and Physical Therapy: The other common and conservation form of treating bone spur is physical therapy. The daily routine of exercise consisting of stretching and strengthening muscles will be taught to your by a physical therapist. These low-impact exercises like walking will provide a support to your neck and your back and increase the flexibility of your neck which will in turn increase the range of motion. Slowly these exercise release the pressure that was impairing the nerve in your spine/spinal cord.
  • Additional Conservation Treatment Procedures: Acupuncture and chiropractic care like hot and cold compresses are ways in which you can treat bone spurs or alleviate the pain caused by bone spurs. A short term pain relief can be achieved if you visit a massage therapist or a chiropractor. The muscles will feel relaxed and the pain will be numbed. Along with these, weight loss and change in the diet plans will improve your well-being and enhance any other treatment that is going on for bone spurs in the spine.


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