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Mattress For Scoliosis: Is Firm or Soft Mattress Good for Scoliosis?

Mattress For Scoliosis

When it comes to an individual affected with scoliosis, sleep is something which tends to become a problem for them due to the curvature of the spine, as this leads to discomfort and prevents them from having a restful sleep. Scoliosis is the name given to a medical condition in which an individual has an abnormal curvature of the spine.1 This condition is normally found in children but if left untreated may go on to cause degeneration of the spine in adults. Scoliosis can cause deformity, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling which can all cause discomfort when sleeping.

When it comes to sleeping with scoliosis, a lot of thought goes into what sort of mattress should be chosen which can provide best comfort for the individual.2 There are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing a mattress like whether the individual is a back sleeper or sleeps on his or her sides. All these factors decide which mattress would be good for sleeping.

Choosing a mattress for adults with scoliosis is far more difficult than children. This article gives a brief overview of some of the mattress that can be chosen for scoliosis.

Mattress For Scoliosis

Is Firm or Soft Mattress Good for Scoliosis?

While choosing a mattress for individuals with scoliosis, normally a firm mattress gives the best comfort for the curved back. However, again this depends on the sleeping positions most comfortable for the individual. If an individual with scoliosis is a side sleeper then a firm mattress may not be a good idea as it may lead to interrupted sleep with a firm mattress and in such cases a soft mattress would be of choice.

In case if the individual prefers to sleep on the back then a firm mattress is the best in cases of scoliosis. For majority of adults with scoliosis pain, the important factor to consider while sleeping and to get a restful sleep at night is that there should be no pain whatsoever. For this reason, sleeping on the back with a firm mattress not only alleviates the pain but provides the best position for the spine where the muscles can relax and the individual can get a good night’s sleep. In case if the individual is a side sleeper then a plush mattress is what is required which not only provides support for the shoulders and the neck but also provides support for the back which is required in cases of scoliosis.

Sleeping on the stomach is something which most physicians recommended to avoid for various medical reasons especially in cases of scoliosis, as it puts more pressure on the spine and tends to make the scoliosis worse.

In conclusion, the choice of a mattress for individuals with scoliosis depends on the position that the individual prefers to sleep on. For back sleepers a firm mattress is recommended as it provides stability to the back and keeps it aligned. For side sleepers, a plush or a soft mattress is required which keeps the neck, shoulders, and the hip aligned and decrease pressure on the hips. Thus, both soft and firm mattress can be used in cases of scoliosis depending on which position the individual prefers to sleep.


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