What is the Success Rate for Scoliosis Surgery?

About Scoliosis & The Procedure To Correct It

Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine in which instead of the spine being straight it is curved at an angle. This bend or angle may be mild, moderate, or acute, but if this angle is measured to be greater than 10 degrees then this condition is termed as scoliosis. This condition is mostly seen in the children and adolescents.

While conservative approach is the most preferred way of treating scoliosis, in some cases where the scoliotic curve or the angle that spine makes is severe that a surgery is recommended in such cases. The surgery done for correction of scoliosis is called as Spinal Fusion Surgery. This surgery is recommended when the scoliotic curve measures greater than 40 degrees.

The procedure is done by placing a series of rods in the spine by utilizing hooks and screws. These rods will help reduce the angle of curvature and make the spine look as straight as possible. The rods also act as a splint which holds the spine together.

A bone graft will then be applied to the spine. This bone graft will fuse with the spine over time which will eventually prevent the scoliotic curve from increasing and worsening the scoliosis.

What is the Success Rate for Scoliosis Surgery?

What Is The Success Rate For Scoliosis Surgery?

Coming to the success rate of a scoliosis surgery, namely a spinal fusion, there are varied reports about the success rate. Some reports on the Internet suggest that individuals have not got the desired results after the procedure and their curve have even worsened in some cases.

In some cases, it has been mentioned that scoliosis surgery affects the ability of individuals to ambulate. While these complications may be true for scoliosis surgery, but in majority of the cases the surgery for scoliosis is done without any complications and by and large is successful in alleviating the symptoms of scoliosis and allowing the patient to get back to normal activities.

Overall studies have mentioned that Scoliosis surgery success rate is about 70% if done in individuals under the age of 15. There is only about 5% chance of a complication in such a surgery.

Thus, it can be said that surgery for scoliosis is a relatively successful treatment with very minimal chances of complication which is inherent in any surgical procedure of a magnitude and complexity that a scoliosis surgery is of.

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