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Signs You Have A Fractured Bone

Bone fractures are one of the very common bone issues in every hospital and medical center. Bone fracture occurs due to accidents such as a sudden fall, a hit or a heavy strike by any object etc. However it is quite hard to find out whether a bone is fractured or displaced from the signs and symptoms. Broken bones also known as fractures and are highly painful and the healing of the fractured bones depend on the age of the patient because older people have weaker bones with osteoporosis conditions that might be the reason behind the delaying of healing process of bones. While, young age people or kids have strong bones with strong ligaments that help to heal faster as compared to older people.

Signs You Have A Fractured Bone

Signs You Have A Fractured Bone

Fractured bone signs are quite distinct and apparent but needs immediate and serious medical attention to avoid any harmful conditions for bone health. Fractures are of different types such as impacted fracture, oblique fracture, comminuted fracture, greenstick fracture, transverse fracture. Let’s have a glance on the signs and symptoms of the fractured bones.

  1. Signs of Bruising and Swelling Over Fractured Bone

    Due to a sudden fall or strike over bone, the injured area might swell vigorously with severe bruises followed by bleeding. The swollen part of fractured bone is the first and distinct sign which hurts a lot. The injured person might feel dizzy, faint or sick.

  2. Chronic Pain in Fractured Area

    Another clear symptom and sign of fractured bone is chronic pain in the injured area. The person might not move his/her hands, or limbs or body due to pain associated with the broken bone and severe bleeding. The lining of the bone called periosteum has numerous nerve endings that causes pain while being hit and inflamed.

  3. Crackling and Grinding Noise

    Person who experiences the bone fracture can get the first sign before swelling and bruising and that is the sound of bone breaking. The crackling and grinding noise while the hit or strike over bone is clearly audible to the injured person and any person very close to the former.

  4. Signs of Arm or Leg Deformity

    Many a time, people who suffer from fractured bone exhibit deformity of an arm or leg due to a heavy strike and twist over bone especially on the limb bones. The deformity looks like abnormal shape of the limb or bone which is another sign of broken or a fractured bone.

  5. Broken Bone Protruding Outside The Skin

    In extreme cases, due to fatal and worst accidents some people experience their broken or fractured bone protruding out of their skin of muscles which is serious and clear sign of bone fracture which needs immediate medical attention. Mostly these type of bone fractures can be seen on arms, legs, collarbones, shoulder bones or thigh bones which cause severe pain, bleeding and sometimes lead to fainting of the patient.

  6. Loss of Function in Injured Area

    Many a time, when bone fracture occurs, the person might feel numbness in the injured area followed by the loss of functioning of the injured part which is another sign of broken bone. The injured person might not feel the pain or any sensation due to the bone fracture near any artery which causes severe blood loss.

  7. Limited or Loss of Movement

    Another sign of fractured bone is inability to move the injured part be it limbs, back, hips or any body part. The broken bone restricts the body movement due to heavy blood loss and severe pain associated with extreme swelling.

    All these above mentioned symptoms are the clear sign of fractured bones but sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish between broken bone and displaced bone. Hence, it is advisable to seek for immediate medical attention for accurate medication.


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