"As long as the world is turning and spinning, we are going to feel dizzy and going to make mistakes" This quote from Mel Brooks can make one know that dizziness can be a usual condition in us. Well, coming apart from it, Dizziness is actually known to be a condition of the body when one gets faint, feels lightheaded or sometimes is accompanied by vertigo or when one feels like everything around is spinning and he or she is going to fall on the floor. Feeling dizzy can be taken lightly sometimes; however at times dizziness can be an alarming sign. There are various causes that lead to feeling dizzy and there are various ways to treat or prevent the feeling of dizziness in you. In this article we will know about what to do when you feel dizzy which includes self help and home remedies for dizzy feeling.

Symptoms of Dizziness: What Happens When You Feel Dizzy?

Symptoms of Dizziness: What Happens When You Feel Dizzy?

Here are some of the common symptoms of dizziness. Check them out if you are feeling dizzy.

  • Feeling fainted or lightheaded is common symptoms of feeling dizzy
  • Losing balance of body and unsteadiness
  • Untrue sense of motion, like things around are spinning or revolving.
  • Dizzy feeling can be accompanied with Vomiting and Nausea
  • Symptoms like changes in vision can also be marked in dizziness
  • Shortness of breath can be common
  • Chest pain
  • Stiffness in the neck and weakness in the limbs.

There are some symptoms in dizziness when it is essential for you to call your doctor. Check for them below.

  • If you develop a sudden and severe ear pain
  • If your temperature goes above 38 degree Celsius.
  • If you have signs of dehydration like Thirst, Tiredness, Dry mouth, reduced amount of urine along with dizziness.
  • If you have vomiting more than 4-5 times in a day
  • If there is a sudden loss of vision or in case you lose your hearing ability all of a sudden
  • In case your symptoms of dizziness worsen within 3 days of treatment.
  • If you fall down or feel out of your consciousness along with your dizzy feeling.

What Makes You Feel Dizzy?

Now, coming down to some of the causes that can make you feel dizzy, here we are with the list below.

  • Insufficient supply of blood to the brain because of extreme low blood pressure can make you feel dizzy.
  • Loss of vision or any issues related to vision can make you feel dizzy
  • Anaemia can make you feel dizzy
  • Migraine related issues can be one cause of dizziness
  • Heavy medications like Sedatives causing distortion in the nervous system may cause dizziness
  • Ear related disorders can lead to dizzy feelings
  • You can also get dizziness if you have cold, flu, allergy etc
  • Dehydration can be one cause of dizziness
  • You may feel dizzy if you have an internal bleeding in the body
  • Head injury can cause dizziness
  • Strokes can cause dizziness
  • Avoidant personality disorder, anxiety disorders can cause dizziness at times
  • Dizziness can also be due to travel sickness or motion sickness

What to do When You Feel Dizzy?

Self Care Tips To Follow When You Feel Dizzy:

Before we proceed for any of the remedies or symptom management procedures for dizziness; it is essential to know what to do when you feel dizzy:

  • When you feel dizzy, drink plenty of water, juices and non alcoholic beverages. Avoid alcohol and caffeine during dizziness.
  • Make sure if you are feeling dizzy, you must change your positions slowly. Sometimes simply lying down can help you pass by your dizziness.
  • If you are walking then be careful if you feel dizzy.
  • Visit a doctor if you notice serious issues in dizziness or if your dizzy feelings do not reduce in a day or two.
  • Based on the underlying cause of your dizziness, take essential treatments as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Ask for substitutes in case your dizziness is due to any of the medications you have been taking for any of your health conditions.
  • Be careful and have a check on the symptoms of your dizziness while travelling.
  • Most importantly avoid driving car or climbing upstairs if you are feeling dizzy.

Home Remedies to Help You When You Feel Dizzy:

There are people who prefer home remedies for most of the things which can be treated at home in a natural manner. Here are some of the essential home remedies you can note down to follow up, when you feel dizzy.

  1. Water as an Essential Home Remedy to Get Rid of Dizzy Feeling: Dehydration can lead to dizziness. So, it is essential to keep a note on drinking enough of water in case you are having issues of feeling dizzy or symptoms of dizziness.
  2. Ginger as a Home Remedy for Dizziness: Studies have proved that ginger is an efficacious home remedy against dizziness. You can simply chew raw ginger or take ginger tea for curing your conditions if you feel dizzy. Ginger helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body and this may effectively cure dizziness.
  3. Mixture o f Nutmeg Powder and Cumin Seeds is an Effective Home Remedy to Help you When You Feel Dizzy: Mixing nutmeg powder and powder of cumin seeds together and consuming it about 3 times a day can heal your conditions if you feel dizzy.
  4. Indian Gooseberry and Coriander Seeds as Herbal Remedies for Dizziness: One more effective herbal remedies for dizziness is a combination of the two ingredients known as Indian Gooseberry and Coriander seeds. De seeding the Indian Gooseberry and making paste out of it, adding 2 tbsp of Coriander seeds and a glass of water to the mixture and leaving the mix overnight to be consumed the next morning; can cure dizziness in a great way. Indian gooseberries are rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A and C; which make it such a wonderful remedy for avoiding or getting rid of your dizzy feelings.
  5. Home Remedy for Dizziness using Mustard and Salt: One more way to get rid of your dizzy feelings is mix mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper in equal proportion and add it to a glass of water and consume it at once. This home remedy would help you keep up a smooth blood circulation throughout the body and aid you in coming out of dizziness.
  6. Yogurt-An effective home remedy for dizziness: Yogurt is one more natural home remedy for dizziness. Having a bowl of yogurt when you feel dizzy can help you relief from your problem. Adding some fresh slices of fruits to yogurt would be even a greater idea.
  7. Almond and Pumpkin Seeds an Effective Home Remedy to Get Rid of Dizzy Feeling: One of the long lasting cure for dizziness is taking almond and pumpkin seeds. All you need to do is take 3 table spoon of wheat along with 12 almonds and few seeds of pumpkin and mix them together and allow them to get soaked overnight. In the next morning make a smooth paste out of the mixture and add some cloves to it and then boil the whole mixture along with milk. Add a bit of sugar for sweetness and consume it. You can simply say Goodbye to your dizziness.
  8. Home Remedy for Dizzy Feeling Using Basil Leaves: One ancient home remedy for dizziness is Basil. Put few basil leaves in a bowl containing milk and boil it for a while. Consuming this milk before going to bed can help you sort out the issues of dizziness permanently
  9. Lemon as a home remedy for dizziness: Lemon is one more natural home remedy for dizziness. In fact taking lemon water when you feel dizzy is the simplest home remedy.
  10. Chamomile tea to help eliminate your dizzy feelings: Dizziness also arises due to mental tension or worries. You can eliminate such dizzy feelings caused due to tensions with a simple home remedy by taking Chamomile tea.
  11. Gingko Biloba as an herbal remedy for dizziness: Another herbal home remedy for treating your dizzy feelings is consuming Gingko Biloba. This is a herb available in dried leaf form, as a tablet and also as liquid extract. It helps in increasing blood circulation towards the area of inner ear and aids in treating issues related to ear problems causing dizziness.
  12. Home Remedy Using Iron Supplements to Improve Conditions in Dizziness: Taking iron supplements or diets rich in iron can help you overcome problems of anaemia and thus reduce the risk of feeling dizzy. You can take enough of spinach, dried beans, cooked soyabeans, lentils, etc which are rich in iron and also take the iron capsules as prescribed by your doctors.
  13. Garlic as a natural remedy to get rid of dizzy feelings: Including more of garlic to your diet will help you get rid of dizzy feelings. Boil few crushed garlic cloves with a cup of water and then strain the solution to drink it for better results in coming out of dizziness.
  14. Celery juice can be effective in treating dizzy feelings: Low blood pressure can also cause dizziness in you. By taking celery juice you can help you come out of your dizzy feelings caused due to low blood pressure.
  15. Feverfew for eradicating dizziness: Feverfew is one more good home remedy for dizziness. You can take it is tablet form, capsule form or in the form of liquid extract. This helps in improving circulation of blood and thus aids in getting rid of dizzy feelings.
  16. Apple cider vinegar and honey can be beneficial when you feel dizzy: Apple cider vinegar along with honey is also a good home remedy for dizziness. This actually regulates the blood pressure and thus alleviates the signs of dizziness. Mixing 2 tbsp of honey and apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drinking it will be beneficial.

Other Alternative Ways to Get Rid of Your Dizzy Feelings:

  1. Exercises that Can Help When you Feel Dizzy: Exercises can be beneficial in solving out some complex issues of dizziness. Below are some of the simple exercises to perform for coming out of your dizzy feelings. Check out couple of simple exercises for getting rid of dizziness.

    • Stand straight and move your neck in both, the clockwise and anti clockwise directions. This can help you in overcoming dizziness.
    • You can also simply stand and concentrate at one particular point and simply blink your eyes. This simple exercise will keep your nervous system alert and steadier and won't lead to problems like fatigue or dizziness.
  2. Breathing Exercises for Dizziness: Breathing exercises are also known to be effective in treating dizziness. You need to go for a deep breathing process where you need to count from one to five as you breathe in (inhale) and again count back from five to one as you breathe out (exhale). Meanwhile, you need to try to fill up your belly with air by imagining that there is a space below your naval area and you need to fill it with air. This deep breathing procedure would provide an adequate amount of oxygen to your brain and help you relax the nervous system and aid you in providing relief from dizziness.

  3. Massage Can Help When You Feel Dizzy: Massage has its wonderful effects in relieving you from various ailments, including your dizzy feelings. It actually boosts the circulation of blood in your body and thus relaxes your nervous system which can cure dizziness. You can try out lavender oil massage for better results.

  4. Concentration: Concentration can bring you out of dizziness! When you feel dizzy, lightheadness you simply can lie down and try to concentrate on any of the immobile objects you can see around you. This would help you in distracting your mind from the symptoms of dizziness and also help you in restoring back your balance and equilibrium.

Treatments That Might Be Prescribed By Your Doctor If You Feel Dizzy:

When you have serious problems in dizziness or when some severe symptoms are associated along with your dizzy feelings, it is essential for you to meet a doctor and follow his professional advices and treatments. Below are some of the medications/drugs which might be prescribed by your doctor for controlling dizziness.

  • Meclizine, Scopolamine patch, Dimenhydrinate etc are some of the medications prescribed to decrease the unsteady feelings in dizziness.
  • Prochlorperazine, promethazine etc are some medications which can work in preventing the feeling of dizziness or the nausea and vomiting that may make you feel dizzy.

NOTE: It is essential to visit your doctor for prescribed professional medical advices on how to treat dizziness medically.

Homeopathic Treatments for Dizzy Feeling:

You can also look for homeopathic treatments for dizziness. Below are some of them you can check out for getting rid of dizzy feelings:

  • Conium to Treat Dizziness: This is a homeopathy medicine used for treating dizziness. Usually this is used for treating the condition caused in aged people and in those who suffer from overdose of tobacco.
  • Treating Dizziness by Cocculus Indicus: This is one more medication practised in homeopathy and used for getting rid of dizziness caused due to motion sickness.
  • Gelsemium to Get Rid of your Dizzy Feelings: Sometimes people suffer from dizziness while lying down or while getting up from the bed. Such a type of dizzy feeling is also accompanied by blurred vision. It feels like you are drunk. Gelsemium can be used to get rid of such dizzy feelings.
  • Causticum to Treat Dizziness: When there is a dizziness that is accompanied by a tendency to fall in the next moment, you can take Causticum and get relief.
  • Bromine for Treating the Dizzy Feeling: Bromine is used to treat the dizziness in people who feel so while looking at the running water.
  • Argentum Nitricum to Get Rid of Dizzy Feelings: This is a homeopathy medicine which can treat the dizziness caused in people where one feels like the surrounding things will fall on him or her while taking a walk on the streets.
  • Nux Vomica to Help You When You Feel Dizzy: Sometimes you may feel dizziness in a crowded area or when you see the bouncing lights. You can take Nux vomica for getting rid of your dizziness.
  • Phosphorous for Treating Dizziness: Sometimes one may feel dizzy in the morning, especially due to empty stomach. Phosphorus can benefit you in getting relief from the dizziness.

NOTE: Kindly reach an expert homeopathic doctor for expert advice.

Ways to Avoid Feeling Dizzy:

"If we know how to avoid dangers; we would remain alert while our walk!" Here are some of the preventive ways to know about how to avoid feeling dizzy.

  • Make sure you are having improved eating habits. You must consume a balanced diet that is low in cholesterol and also pretty healthy. It is also important for you to make a habit of taking your meals on time.
  • Drink plenty of water, take lot of fluids like orange or lemon juices etc and keep yourself away from dehydration and the dizziness followed due to it
  • You can avoid some habits while travelling so as to avoid dizziness due to motion sickness. Some people feel dizzy while travelling when they go for reading. You can keep away from such problems by avoiding things that cause motion sickness and dizziness in you while travelling.
  • Yoga sessions and meditation works great in preventing dizziness and various anxious feelings that may cause dizziness in you
  • Avoid working overtime without rest. It is also important to have proper sleep during nights.
  • Rapid changes in your posture while you are feeling dizzy must be avoided. This may create more of dizziness and also lead to injuries due to fall at times.


Dizziness can be experienced by anyone at any point of time. Sometimes it may be mild and a casual condition that leaves you in few minutes or hours and sometimes it may be severe and alert about something serious underlying behind the cause of dizziness. It is essential to take the best possible care of self or any of the near ones suffering from the same, follow the essential home remedies and go for the professional treatments under an expert healthcare provider for the best possible ways to come out of dizziness and the underlying causes of dizziness.

We recommend you to visit a doctor on a strict basis if you are concerned about your dizziness. As they say, "An expert advice is the best advice!"

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