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Arachnoid Cyst: Prevention, Prognosis, Coping Tips

The formation of arachnoid cysts is actually the unwanted condition when sacs filled with CSF or cerebrospinal fluid develops in the arachnoid membrane which acts like the brain covering.

Arachnoid cysts are asymptomatic in nature which means that they do not show any symptoms normally. In few cases there are symptoms like seizures, headaches and accumulation of CSF or cerebrospinal fluid in brain. The researchers are still trying to find the exact reasons behind occurrence of arachnoid cyst.

Prevention of Arachnoid Cyst

In this article you will read about the prevention of arachnoid cyst, prognosis and coping with arachnoid cyst.

Prevention of Arachnoid Cyst

There are no preventions as such for arachnoid cyst yet as arachnoid cyst can be formed due to genetics and thus all you can do stay healthy and fit by exercising regularly and having a good balanced diet.

Prognosis for Arachnoid Cyst

The prognosis is good for arachnoid cyst. Symptomatic arachnoid cyst can be easily detected and treated by doctors. Even in the case of asymptomatic cysts, the doctor would regularly keep a watch on the symptoms and deal with problem once the symptoms appear. However, arachnoid cysts in most cases are not critical and a person having arachnoid cyst can lead a normal life.

In some of the extreme cases where the arachnoid cysts are not detected may lead to excessive bleeding and cause permanent damage to brain and health.

Coping Tips for Arachnoid Cyst

Below are some of the coping tips for arachnoid cyst:

  • Rest. Give yourself a lot of rest to properly cope with arachnoid cyst. In some cases of arachnoid cyst, you may find it hard to have a sound sleep but the main thing is that you must try your best to get some sleep in night and let your body rest. The best way it ensures good sleep is to identify the symptoms affecting your sleep and try to sort them out by being creative and proactive. Taking a short sleep during day can compensate for the lack of night sleep to some extent. Proper rest helps the individual to get rid of the physical symptoms of arachnoid cyst, to stays intact and to fight with the situation. It is recommended to avoid sleep aids as they include ingredients, which can make affect your neurological system. Thus, it is better to rely on natural ways to enhance your sleep like warm decaffeinated tea such as chamomile, warm milk, warm bath or a nice shower before sleeping.
  • Ensure Proper Diet to properly cope with arachnoid cyst. Arachnoid cyst formation can cause serious damage to nervous system. Therefore, we must include such food items in our diet, which can minimize the damage and keep us healthy. There are certain food products which can cause the situation to get worse and thus such food must be reduced or completely avoided at best. The list of such food items is as follows: excessive red meat, too much sugar, Caffeine, food items containing Aspartame, excessive fat or salt, spicy foods etc. If there is something that makes you feel worse is also the indication that it should be avoided in order to correctly cope with arachnoid cyst.
  • Exercise regularly to perfectly cope with arachnoid cyst. It is always good to exercise on a regular basis at least once every day, even if you do not feel like exercising. Exercising does not necessarily mean going to gym, regular walk or simple light exercises can do the job. Regular exercise ensures good physical health and positive mental state that is necessary to keep you healthy to cope with arachnoid cyst. Exercise also stimulate the release of endorphins in the brain which is commonly known as “feel good” and makes you feel exactly as its name says. Cyst formation can make you feel down and thus you must keep yourself boosted with regular exercise and positive mindset.
  • Keep things simple and normal to decently cope with arachnoid cyst. It can get tough for you to handle the situation of arachnoid cyst where you would be required to visit doctors regularly, follow a specific routine and think about what is going to happen next and all such worrying thoughts. You can easily fall prey to such situation and adopt unfamiliar routine easily. This is where your body starts to react and takes you further down both mentally and physically. It may be hard for you to get rid of such situation but at least you must never give up trying. Try to ensure that your routine does not change and you keep doing the things normally. This will make your body to respond positively and help you to recover from the situation of arachnoid cyst.
  • Get a lot of rest to conveniently cope with arachnoid cyst. Rest is the best therapy that can help you get out of your worries and stress. Give yourself proper rest as it can help you to get out of that negative frame of mind. Rest can make you feel better and give that extra strength to let you enjoy your life normally. A short sleep can boost you with massive energy.
  • Get counseling from experts and professionals in order to competently cope with the condition of arachnoid cyst. The situation of arachnoid cyst can be sometimes hard to handle and it is a good idea to get counseling from professionals or experts. Counselors understand your situation well and can guide you out of the trouble. Talking about your struggle and sharing your problems with experts certainly helps. Lack of counseling can lead you to depression which puts your brain under more stress and make your cyst get worse. Counseling can give you that extra bit of support and help which can do wonders and get you out of depression.


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