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Can Pediatric Brain Tumor Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Brain tumors are treatable when discovered early however several slow-growing tumors are be cured only through surgery.1,2

A recent study on natural remedies for brain cancer is still missing data but it is essential to be aware of the alternatives that are accessible for treatment.3

Treatment for a pediatric brain tumor depends on the type, size, and location of the abnormal mass, although most are treated through surgery, studies show natural and herbal remedies help reduce the risk of tumor.4

Can Pediatric Brain Tumors Go Away On Its Own?

In some cases, these tumors disappear on their own miraculously. Several case studies showed spontaneous regression, so medical studies are investigating to see if it is possible to exploit it so it can turn beneficial to cancer patients.

Can Pediatric Brain Tumor Go Away On Its Own

The first case of spontaneous regression was identified in the late 13th century when bone sarcoma in Peregrine Laziosi miraculously went away on its own after the patient suffered an acute bacterial infection. Similarly, in the late 1800s, a tumor was spontaneously regressed when the patient suffered fever, and this was noticed by William Coley. Based on these studies, Coley developed a bacterial vaccine that induced spontaneous regression and also helpful in reducing several types of tumors.

Genetics and immune responses are strongly associated with anti-cancer drugs, so clinical trials are conducted to design drugs that stimulate the immune system and target tumors that have been caused due to genetic reasons.1,2

What Are The Natural Remedies For Pediatric Brain Tumors?

If you’ve been identified with a tumor, and particularly if you are enduring treatment, certain supplements may impair you nor interfere with your cancer treatments. Tumors can originate in the brain (primary) or originate from other malignant cells anywhere from the body (metastatic).

A lot of research studies have been conducted to use active agents from plants in the treatment of tumors and however, these studies have could establish no data about the successful practice of herbal medicines in the treatment of glioblastoma in individuals. This is because science does not understand the mechanism involved with brain cancer.3

Nevertheless, some studies show that certain natural and herbal remedies may help to reduce the risk of brain cancer and inhibit cancer cell growth. Some of its natural remedies include:

Folic Acid- There is some evidence that folic acid is a type of B vitamin (milk, cheese, eggs, dark green vegetables, chicken, and red meat) that helps the body produce and maintain new cells.

Fish Oil- Omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oil is associated with lowering the risk of several types of cancer risk.

Chokeberry- Curcumin works with chokeberry to kill brain cancer cells. This berry is rich in antioxidant content and contributing to a reduced risk of growth and metastasis.4

A brain tumor is defined as the growth of abnormal tissue that results in forming a mass in the brain. The tumors differ based on their location, cell types, and probable outcomes. However, all types of the tumor should be properly addressed and treated at the right time to get the best results.

With the advancement in clinical research, there is tremendous progress in the treatment of brain tumors. Several hospitals have the world’s best pediatric brain tumor specialists who have the best understanding of treating the condition.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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