Home Remedies Best Exercises/Activities For Pediatric Brain Tumors

A high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet can help reduce the growth of abnormal cancer cells and extend your lifespan by almost 50 percent according to studies.1,2

Exercise promotes repair processes in the mouse brain and can prevent some of these declines for bone and muscle health.3

Children can start to regain their thinking skills through the best nutrition and fitness.4

Home Remedies For Pediatric Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is a disease that affects a large number of people worldwide. When your child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, it can leave a feeling of uncertainty or fear of how the situation could be dealt with. Surgery is a method used to remove tumors either entirely or partially with an expectation that cancer will be completely removed from the brain.

However, in some instances, surgery cannot be operated on because of the position of the tumor, so doctors usually recommend alternate treatments in exceptional cases. Some individuals prefer the most natural option without any potential side effects, especially from the powerful chemotherapy drugs.

A recent study has shown that plant matter can be used in the treatment of pediatric brain tumors. The study was conducted on five types of herbs that were taken in the form of tea once a day at regular intervals. The herbal medicines were taken in tandem with oncological treatment however the composition was modified when necessary.

The patient’s condition was monitored for 48 months. The results showed that the intensity of the tumor was reduced, and the condition was stable. The results presented were encouraging and served as a foundation for better therapies in the treatment of glioblastoma. Your doctor may also suggest vitamins and supplements as a form of home remedy to treat and reduce the symptoms of cancer.1,2

Best Exercises/Activities For Pediatric Brain Tumors

Cancer when diagnosed causes terrifying experience, and probably exercises is the last option that strikes your mind. But studies show that exercises and activities before and after treatment help to cope up with the treatment and manage side effects.

Brain cancer treatment causes several side effects both physically and cognitively. This eventually affects their day-to-day routines. Clinical theories state that muscular and cardiovascular fitness decrease during chemotherapy. However, the best physical activities and exercises can strengthen bone and muscle strength and also improve cardiovascular fitness.3

Aerobic and resistance exercises can help patients regain some of the functions that were challenging during the treatment. Occupational and physical therapists typically recommend exercises for the mind and body to cope with cognitive and physical impairments.

They also promote health in long-term survivors so clinical trials highly recommended this in the vulnerable population. Even five minutes of gentle exercise can help patients reduce pain and promote more energy.4

It’s been a challenging situation for the clinical theories to predict how you will feel during treatment. Most children begin their treatment with fear-related side-effects. Doctors call this treatment as palliative care or supportive care, a kind of treatment irrespective of the age and stage of the disease.

You probably feel very tired and exhausted several weeks post-surgery. Many patients suffer from persistent pain in the head (not like migraine) but hurt you more when you get up in the morning. Although activities and exercises are probably the last things on your mind, however research shows that exercises can well manage the side effects of a brain cancer treatment.


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