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Can Multiple Myeloma Be Cured Naturally?

Apart from conventional therapy for multiple myeloma, various alternative therapies such as herbal therapy or mineral supplementation helps alleviate the symptoms of multiple myeloma.

Can Multiple Myeloma Be Cured Naturally?

Can Multiple Myeloma Be Cured Naturally?

Multiple myeloma is the cancer of plasma cells.(1) Currently there is no cure for multiple myeloma, however, the condition can be managed, and the life of the patient can be extended through various treatment strategies. In many patients, the disease goes into a remission stage, this means that although the disease is not completely removed from the body but gone into a dormant stage. As soon as the condition becomes favorable, it may rebound into an active state.

Conventional treatment for the management of multiple myeloma includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, bisphosphonates, bone marrow transplantation, and the combination of the above strategies. However, currently, the use of alternative medicine is very much in focus for the management of multiple myeloma. The study does not conclusively indicate that the remission and the management of this malignant condition can be done through alternative medicines or natural cure. Like in other cancerous condition, a healthy diet is a must for either bearing the side effects of the main medications or the symptoms of multiple myeloma.

It has been advised that the patient should not terminate the conventional therapy for multiple myeloma or replace it with the alternative medicine as the efficacy studies are missing for this therapy in malignant condition. However, if the patient desires to supplement the main therapy with vitamins, and minerals or other herbal formulation, consultation with the oncologist should be done as these substances may sometimes interfere with the main therapy.

Natural therapies, healthy diet, vitamins, and minerals help to alleviate the symptoms of multiple myeloma such as fatigue and bone pain. Further, once the disease goes into remission through optimum treatment strategy, alternative therapy plays a significant role in the recovery.

Following are various options for a natural cure that helps in improving the symptoms of multiple myeloma:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids– Studies indicate that omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA are beneficial in managing the symptoms of multiple myeloma. These acids increase the efficacy of drug therapy in multiple myeloma. (2)

An Optimum Diet For Kidney- Renal failure or reduced renal functioning is one of the symptoms of multiple myeloma. Thus, the diet suitable for kidney health should be taken to reduce the symptoms of kidney disorder.

Noni JUICE- Noni juice contains powerful antioxidants that help to scavenge the free radicals. Further, noni juice also alleviates the symptoms of pain and the juice acts at a rapid rate.

Coenzyme-Q10- Coenzyme Q 10 performs two important functions. First, it increases the production of energy which is required in multiple myeloma patients. Second, patients with multiple myeloma are at increased risk of infection. Coenzyme Q-10 increases the immunity in such patients.

Curcumin- Various studies indicate that curcumin kills the malignant cells and stop their multiplication. Curcumin also increases the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs administered in multiple myeloma.(3)

Astragalus- White blood cells are an insufficient number in the blood of patients with multiple myeloma. Astragalus helps improve the number of white blood cells and reduce the risk of infection.

Cayenne– Cayenne is the active ingredient present in the pepper. This herb increases the absorption and efficacy of various chemotherapy drugs.

Echinacea- Echinacea increases the immunity power of the patient and also helps in alleviating the symptoms of multiple myeloma.

Iron Supplement- Iron supplement helps to improve the symptom of anemia which may be due to renal failure or reduced physiological functioning of the kidney.

Increased Fibrous Food- Multiple myeloma and the drugs administered may increase the gastrointestinal side effects such as constipation. Thus, the diet should incorporate a sufficient amount of food rich in fibers.


There is no cure for multiple myeloma, but the disease can be managed by appropriate treatment. Various supplements such as herbal and vitamins and minerals help improve the condition of patients.


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