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Is Merkel Cell Carcinoma A Serious Condition & Can It Be Reversed?

Merkel cell carcinoma refers to a rare and aggressive form of skin cancer and is known as neuroendocrine cancer of the human skin. The problem mainly takes place due to uncontrolled skin cell growth, which shares more or less similar types of characteristics as possessed by normal Merkel cells present in the skin. Merkel cell carcinoma mainly takes place on the skin often exposed to ultraviolet light of the sun, which includes arms, neck, and head. However, it may even take place in any other area, which stays protected from the sunlight. Merkel cell carcinoma mainly develops in the form of the firm and painless bump, which may sometimes become skin-colored or red-purple.

Merkel Cell Carcinoma often appears as a combination of the rapidly grown bump of purple or red color. However, the bump remains painless for a long time. In addition, in some cases, a cyst may grow at a rapid rate and appears as a red purple or inflamed cyst, even though the condition is unusual in Merkel Cell Carcinoma. (1)

Is Merkel Cell Carcinoma A Serious Condition?

Is Merkel Cell Carcinoma A Serious Condition?

The severity of Merkel cell carcinoma depends on its prognosis/survival rate and reversibility/recurrence. Merkel Cell Carcinoma specific survival rate indicates the percentage of patients survived of Merkel cell carcinoma at different stages and times after they undergo with the diagnosis. In most cases, patients with local Merkel cell carcinoma i.e. affecting only at a specific origin site without any evidence related to the disease spread have survived more as compared to systemic Merkel cell carcinoma. In addition, individuals with nodal disease have improved rates of survival as compared to individuals with a distant and metastatic form of Merkel cell carcinoma. In addition, the spread of cancer takes place from the primary origin’s site to distant areas and goes beyond the draining type of lymph nodes. (1)

Can Merkel Cell Carcinoma Be Reversed?

Recurrence or reversibility of any cancer may appear on its physical examination i.e. the process to evaluate the body based on palpation or observation as any abnormal tissue i.e. skin lesion or enlarged form of lymph nodes. Recurrence may even take place in the form of new tumors within one’s body detected with the help of imaging studies.

In most of the cases, doctors recommend for biopsy procedure, where they remove tissues or cells to determine the characteristics, presence, and extent of any cancer disease based on microscopic analysis. Thus, a biopsy of any new lesion makes sure whether the lesion represents Merkel Cell Carcinoma or not. In most cases, recurrence does not occur in patients, however, the probability of reversing Merkel cell carcinoma depends solely on its specific stage. (2)


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