Benefits of Morning Sunlight for the Body

It is believed by almost everyone that excessive exposure to sunlight is not good for health and leads to many different skin conditions like sunburn and skin cancer and also early aging of the skin. This is true to some extent, especially when exposed to sunlight in the summer season in extreme temperatures and it is advisable to stay indoors and stay away from sun in such conditions but there are also some benefits from sunlight, especially Morning Sunlight. Exposure to Morning Sunlight is quite helpful for the overall health of an individual. Morning Sunlight is extremely rich in vitamin D and exposure to Morning Sunlight is perhaps the easiest way to acquire vitamin D which is very essential for the body. Apart from being rich in vitamin D, Morning Sunlight also has other added benefits which have been delineated below.

Benefits of Morning Sunlight for the Body

Benefits of Morning Sunlight for the Body

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of morning sunlight to our body.

Morning Sunlight Boosts Immunity

Morning Sunlight helps in improving the immune system of the body. Morning Sunlight contains vitamin D which supports proper functioning of the T cells which in turn boosts the immunity of the body and helps the body fight against any foreign invasion like a bacteria or a virus and keep the body protected. Morning Sunlight has also shown to help in modulating the innate and the adaptive immune responses.

Morning Sunlight Supports Healthy Bones

Among the benefits of exposure to morning sunlight is that morning sunlight helps in keeping the bones healthy. High presence of vitamin D in Morning Sunlight is responsible for stimulating absorption of calcium which is essential for a good bone health. If the bones are healthy, it cuts down the risk of individual developing musculoskeletal diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, and fractures. Rickets a disease caused due to vitamin D deficiency in children can be easily prevented if the child is exposed to morning sunlight for at least 15 minutes a day.

Morning Sunlight Prevents Aging of Eyes

Vitamin D3 is a key factor in preventing macular degeneration. As one ages, the eyes start to get weaker and this condition is called macular degeneration and the individual starts to lose visibility. Morning Sunlight helps delaying this condition because of the vitamin D it has in it. Hence it is important for elderly people to spend at least 15-20 minutes in morning sunlight, especially as soon as the sun rises. Allow this Morning Sunlight to fall on the eyelids and that is enough to do the trick. Doing this daily will not only keep macular degeneration at bay for a longer period of time it will also improve the vision of the individual.

Benefits of Morning Sunlight in Improving Metabolism of the Body

Morning Sunlight has also shown to boost up the metabolism in the body. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight as the rate of metabolism is accelerated. Studies have shown that ultraviolet rays of Morning Sunlight help in suppressing obesity. A vitamin D deficient individual will have greater accumulation of fat than a normal person. Thus it becomes that much important for a vitamin D deficient individual to take in some Morning Sunlight on daily basis for at least 15 minutes which makes the skin to release nitric oxide which prevents obesity. It also helps in preventing development of diabetes mellitus.

Morning Sunlight is Beneficial in Improving the Quality of Sleep

Morning Sunlight also helps an individual maintain a normal sleep-wake cycle. Morning Sunlight helps in regulating circadian rhythms which induces a good night’s sleep. Circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle which facilitates the regulation of biochemical, behavioral, and physiological processes which control the cycle of sleep.

Morning Sunlight Helps in Treating Depression

It may sound a bit unusual but it is true that a little bit of Morning Sunlight can go a long way in treating depression. If an individual suffering from depression is exposed to Morning Sunlight for half an hour on a daily basis, it will help in the serotonin levels to increase and make the individual feel relaxed and feel good about himself or herself. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which helps in regulation of appetite, memory, sleep and mood. A chemical imbalance in brain may lead to decreased serotonin in the brain which leads to depression and negativity. This is helped by Morning Sunlight which increases the production of serotonin.

Morning Sunlight is Beneficial for People Suffering from Hypertension

People suffering from hypertension can be helped with exposure to Morning Sunlight. When an individual is exposed to Morning Sunlight, the skin starts releasing nitric oxide which helps in lowering blood pressure and thus helps in preventing a lot of cardiovascular diseases.

To summarize, Morning Sunlight is extremely beneficial for the body and it would do no harm to get up early and spend a few minutes in the Morning Sunlight and soak in the health benefits that it brings to you in the form of vitamin D. It is important to note here that as the sun rises and the heat from the sun increases the advantages of sunlight decreases thus it is important to time your exposure to Morning Sunlight so as to get the best advantages of Morning Sunlight.

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