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Life Expectancy For Myxofibrosarcoma

Myxofibrosarcoma is a variant of the entire group consisting of malignant form of fibrous histiocytomas and it is an aggressive form of soft tissue based neoplasm. As a type of soft tissue sarcoma, it initially takes place in any of the connective tissues, especially the ones, which surround muscles as well as separate muscles from one another and even from the skin. In most of the cases, Myxofibrosarcoma lies just beneath the skin of a patient or deep within the patient’s muscular tissues.

Life Expectancy For Myxofibrosarcoma

What is the relationship between life expectancy and survival rate for myxofibrosarcoma patients? According to medical research studies, any Myxofibrosarcoma patient on an average survives 5 years period after he undergoes with cancer irrespective of his extent of the problem. However, the complications experienced by any sarcoma patient depend on key aspects of the survival rate, as we have discussed in this article.

What Are Survival Rates?

Survival rates mainly give an idea of the percentage of patients with same stage and type of cancer (Myxofibrosarcoma type of cancer in this case) still remain alive for a specific numbers of years, say 5 years after doctors diagnose their problem. Even though survival rate is unable to mention the exact life expectancy of any patient, it gives a better understanding about the success of one’s treatment.

5-Year Survival Rate

Survival statistics or relative survival rates compare patients with same stage and type of soft tissue sarcoma to the overall population. For instance, if the 5-year survival rate shows 80percent in case of a particular stage related to soft tissue sarcoma, it indicates that about 80 percent of sarcoma patients will stay alive for minimum 5 years period even after they are diagnosed with sarcoma cancer.(1)

5-Year Survival Rate Results As Per SEER Database

SEER is the acronym for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results and the respective database tracks 5-year of relative survival rate for the cancer associated with soft tissue sarcoma based on the extend/spread of the cancer. Accordingly, it groups Myxofibrosarcoma and other types of soft tissues cancers into distant, regional and localized stages, i.e.

Localized Cancer

In case of localized cancer, Myxofibrosarcoma cancer remains limited to only a specific part of the patient’s body i.e. from the place it starts. 5-year survival rate in case of localized cancer is equal to 80 percent.

Regional Cancer

In case of regional cancer, Myxofibrosarcoma spreads to surrounding lymph nodes and/or structures of the patient’s body. 5-year survival rate in case of localized cancer is equal to 60 percent.

Distant Cancer

In case of distant Myxofibrosarcoma cancer, the cancer spreads many distant body parts, including the lungs. Survival rate for distant cancer is excessively low i.e. only 16 percent.

Life Expectancy And Survival Rate Depend On Other Factors

Along with this, survival rate of Myxofibrosarcoma patients depend on their age, grade/stage of the tumor, overall health condition and specific location of the tumor and so on. In addition, the survival rate varies greatly in the way, in which the body of a patient responses to any particular treatment/treatments and various other factors.(1)


To conclude, we should say that in general, life expectancy of an individual suffering from Myxofibrosarcoma is minimum 5 years. However, depending on the diagnosis and treatment procedures, along with the specific health condition, numbers of years a patient can survive varies to a huge extent.


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