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Is Myxofibrosarcoma A Serious Condition?

Myxofibrosarcoma is a low-grade sarcoma cancer found usually in the legs and arms of elder patients. It is common within or below the skin and remains present in the form of multiple tumors. Sarcoma cancers mainly start in muscle and bone tissues, while many of them start in the legs or arms. Even in some cases, they remain present in the neck area, head area and trunk, along with abdominal area and internal organs.(1)

Is Myxofibrosarcoma A Serious Condition?

Myxofibrosarcoma often exhibits a multi-nodular growth pattern and they remain present as superficial lesions. This aspect distinguishes it from any other type of sarcoma, which appears as deep tumors. Masses are mainly found in various subcutaneous tissues with few of them have dermal involvement. In rare cases, the cancer originates in any of the intramuscular tissues or deep fascia tissues.

Even though Myxofibrosarcoma shows regular superficial derivation, it has highly infiltrative type of growth patterns and spreads in an extensive way across fascial planes to make surgical resection highly difficult. Another noticing fact about the mentioned type of sarcoma is that it has relatively higher recurrence rate and that too without any correlation with the size or grade/stage of the tumor. According to experts, recurrence in case of Myxofibrosarcoma takes place in superficial types of tumors.

A large numbers of research studies have revealed that recurrence rates for Myxofibrosarcoma starts from only 16 percent and goes up to 54 percent, while most of the report on relatively higher end of the respective spectrum. In addition, Myxofibrosarcoma has demonstrated its evolution consistently into a top grade of lesion followed by its recurrence. Patients with relatively close surgical margins should essentially undergo with the radiation therapy, while recurring masses should excise widely, along with any scar from the surgery performed in the past.

Even though Myxofibrosarcoma has a relatively higher recurrence rate regardless of the grade of tumor, metastasis in this case is rare and takes place in an exclusive way in high-grade tumors. On the other side, most of the upper neoplasms of the connective tissue remain in benign form, because of which metastasis from the respective region takes place rarely.(1)

Symptoms Of Myxofibrosarcoma

Most of the soft tissue types of sarcomas, including the problem of Myxofibrosarcoma commence in a leg or arm. Many people find a lump, which grows with time i.e. from only few weeks to many months. However, lump may not necessarily create any further problem. When sarcomas grow in the rear area of your abdomen, you may experience few of the symptoms, which usually arise due to other problems related to the formation of tumor.

For instance, you may experience bleeding with bowels or blockage in stomach. This is because; lumps and/or tumors press on blood vessels, nerves and other surrounding organs. They even grow large, so that you feel the tumor in your belly. In some cases, tumors result in mild or severe pain. Considering this fact, we should say that if you experience any of the mentioned problems, you should consult your doctor immediately.

  • Formation of a new lump or growth of an existing lump at any area on the body
  • Abdominal pain, which becomes worse day by day
  • Blood in your vomit or stool
  • Sticky, black and tarry stools


To conclude, we should say that even though Myxofibrosarcoma cancer has high recurrence rate, metastasis of this type of soft tissue sarcoma is rare. Considering this fact, we should say that Myxofibrosarcoma is not a severe condition.


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