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Can Nightmares Cause Heart Attack & How Do You Get Rid Of Nightmares?

Sometimes a nightmare is yet another bad dream—out of the way and displeasing metaphors with few disturbing reactions from the dreamer. They can range from uncomfortable to horrifying to downright dangerous.

However, this condition often results in phobia, panic feeling and horror waking up the people and causes upsetting poignant reaction that includes sleeping disorders and sleepless nights adding stress to the daytime work. Many individuals often confuse nightmares with night terrors. But when you investigate much deeper, nightmares are quite different from night terrors.

Can Nightmares Cause Heart Attack?

Can Nightmares Cause Heart Attack?

For most people with risk issues, nightmares could pose a very real health vulnerability. According to Dr. Robert Aronson, a sleep medicine specialist, nightmares and upsetting dreams have the potential to cause heart attack however the chances are very minimum. There are few instances that showed individuals with no previously known risks suffering a heart attack after a nightmare.

Although there are no proven theories to explain their frequency yet there are incidences that individuals who had no history of heart diseases encountered with a heart attack after nightmares. Medical studies were conducted among many people and the reports estimated that people with good health conditions successfully managed the stress of nightmares.

On the other hand, when individuals don’t have a healthy lifestyle and have habits of smoking is at higher risk of acquiring heart diseases. Therefore, in these patients, the nightmares could potentially trigger a heart attack.

Based on American Psychiatric Society reports, nightmares are caused due to alcohol, sleep issues, anti-depressant medications, and blood pressure drugs. Although rare, still it tends to cause heart attacks. Therefore, it is often recommended to get rid of this problem before it causes further damage to your health problems.1

How Do You Get Rid Of Nightmares?

Dreams and night terrors are full of mystery and fright. Although psychologists believe that each of these dreams has their explanation, yet nightmares cause a lot of stress to people and affecting their daily routines. There are some common ways with which people can avoid getting nightmares

Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene- Although it is not possible to prevent bad dreams, still setting a stage for good sleep ensure you to get a good night’s sleep. Good sleep hygiene involves having an appropriate amount of sleep in the bed neither little nor too excessive. This can be done through

  • Sticking to your regular pattern of sleep
  • Ensure that you have adequate time for your sleep
  • Follow a strict routine
  • Make certain that your sleep pattern during weekends don’t vary by more than an hour
  • Limit your caffeine level particularly after lunch

Cooldown Your Stress Before Sleep

Stress is often related to poorer sleep. Some people even start tensing up knowing bedtime is approaching. You are not alone encountering stress difficulties, there are many. Therefore, beating the stress levels and drifting to your dreamland is much easier. You can follow these especially when you have anxiety

  • Reading can provide relaxation to your mind and decompress your racing mind
  • Set up your bedroom with a perfect sleep temperature
  • Try a warm bath
  • Hear to relaxing & calming music.2,3

Practice Visualizing A Safe Space

Do not watch or read something horrific before sleeping- Several people have the practice of watching movies or serials before hitting their bed. This habit is one of the commonest causes of getting nightmares. However, most people do not even realize it. Studies confirm that the brain tends to exaggerate things that a person sees.

Therefore, you need not stop the habit of watching horror movies instead imagine a serene or calm environment before closing your eyes.4


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