Can You Get Social Security Disability For A Heart Attack?

Can You Get Social Security Disability For A Heart Attack?

According to the report released by Centers for Disease Control, around 735,000 Americans suffer from several heart diseases every year. Out of them, 25% reported previous heart attack. Every attack increases the occurrence of severe heart complications, including heart failure, leading to death.

Can You Get Social Security Disability For A Heart Attack?

Is it Possible to Receive Social Security disability for a Heart Attack?

Receiving Social Security disability for a heart attack alone is not enough. Although it is a significant health crisis, the Social Security Administration or SSA does not consider it as a severe condition that the patient cannot find suitable employment to lead a healthy life. The reason is that the administration designed the benefits in such a way that it works only for patients who cannot work for 12 months or longer.

On the contrary, if the patient is suffering from lasting side effects such as coronary disease, then it is possible to apply for support provided by the administration in the form of the disability program. The disability program aims at providing benefits that help in covering medical costs, living expenses and deliver consistent income if the patient fails to return to work for the rest of the life.

A Lawyer Can Support in Claiming Social Security Disability for a Heart Attack

If you want to claim a social security disability for a heart attack then it is better to consult a disability lawyer to aid in winning your claim as it is quite impossible to get disability benefits for a heart attack as it is not listed in the standard disability list issued by the SSA authority.

Qualifying for the Disability Program

To qualify for the disability program, submitting the necessary documents related to the health along with the RCF filled by the doctor is crucial. The form presents details related to the illness and the constraints that puts the individual in a state where he/she cannot participate in specific activities that makes it difficult to lead a healthy life or find employment.

The Social Security Administration outlined specific guidelines that enable an individual to qualify for the benefits. A heart attack is not part of the standard disability list issued by the administration. However, it is possible for an individual to apply for the benefit using another listing, which occurs in the form of cardiovascular complications that are the result of heart attack. Coronary artery disease is the cause for the occurrence of myocardial infarction. The patient can apply for the support by submitting the following records:

  • Medical reports that show blockage of the arteries
  • Reports that state intolerance towards stress test
  • At least two occurrences in the past year that required surgical intervention.

It is difficult to understand the listings described by the administration. Therefore, seeking the assistance of the doctor is preferable while applying for the benefit provided by the Social Security Administration. Working closely with the doctor will be helpful, as the administration verifies every medical record submitted along with the documents before approving the claim.

The Financial Costs

If a patient is lucky enough to work through an employer who is willing to pay for short-term disability payments, then it is possible to receive compensation at a specific percentage of the usual paycheck. However, if the employer does not have such program, and the heart complications make it difficult for the patient to return to work, then it becomes challenging to survive and pay the medical bills. Apart from this, the patient should also deal with the rehabilitation cost.

According to a report in 2010, a less severe heart attack attracts $760,000 for a patient in a period of 20 years. This cost is divided as 50,000$ per year for a severe heart attack and up to $38,000 per year for a less severe heart attack.

Although the values are average, the billing continues to build up in different cases. Even if the patient has insurance, they receive only a part of the cost.


Although heart attack is a severe situation for any individual, obtaining the benefit under the Social Security disability program can be difficult. However, when there are long-term complications that make it impossible for the patient to work, then he/she can apply for the benefit by discussing the case with the doctor in detail. Upon scrutiny and understanding the case, SSA will accept the application and provide the benefits.

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