How Long Does It Take To Return To Work After Open Heart Surgery?

How Long Does It Take To Return To Work After Open Heart Surgery?

Return to work after an open heart surgery depends on the healing process, which varies from patient to patient. On a general note, the patients can get back to work between 2 to 3 months. If they have a part time desk job, they can gradually start working half-a-day and then increase the duration. In case, the job demands heavy weight lifting activity like construction jobs, the patients should wait for at least 3 months for the chest incision to heal. Once the doctor feels okay to start lifting weight, the patient may get back to such jobs for full time.

How Long Does It Take To Return To Work After Open Heart Surgery?

How to Prepare For An Open Heart Surgery?

Preparation for the operation is started a day before the surgery. The patient can eat and drink normally till the evening. Then, the preparations start-

  • Prior to the surgery day, the patient should not eat or drink anything after midnight.
  • The patient may normally go for shower prior to surgery and wash the upper body with an antibacterial soap.
  • Preparation for the surgery may also include shaving of the chest to remove any obstacles during the surgery.
  • It is the duty of the patient or the caregiver to inform about the patient’s medical history and medications taken to the concerned person in the hospital.
  • Comfortable clothes have to be worn by the patient so that movement is not restricted at the time of the surgery.
  • Few tests would be run to check if the patient is physically okay for the surgery. This may include monitoring the heart as well as blood tests.
  • The patient will be given anesthesia and it is quite normal to be anxious. Thus, in case of any doubts or questions, the patient may freely to ask the doctor and/or the hospital team.
  • Intravenous fluids may be given to the patient. Following this, the patient will be taken to the operation theater after a tablet is given to the patient in order to make him drowsy.
  • Once the patient is taken to the operation theater; the patient will be given general anesthesia, so that the surgery can be started. This will make the patient go to sleep and will not feel the incision to be made.

Who Does The Open Heart Surgery?

An open heart surgery is a major cardiac surgery and is done by a team of expert health professionals. A typical team contains:

Surgeon- The surgeon basically leads the heart surgery. The expert surgeon will be responsible for the open heart surgery and directs other assistants and group of surgeons.

Anesthesiologist: A doctor is responsible in providing anesthesia to the patient called as the anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologist takes the responsibility of monitoring the patient’s bodily functions while under anesthesia.

Pump Team: A group of health professionals are present who takes care of the functioning of the heart-lung machine and other devices while the surgery goes on. Such a group is collectively called the pump team.

Nurses and Technicians: Apart from them, there will be a bunch of nurses and technicians present to assist the team of surgeons during the surgery.

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