Does Vaping Leave Water in Your Lungs & Treatment for Wet Lungs Caused Due to Vaping

Smoking has become a very common phenomenon among youngsters, teenagers to be specific and an alternative to it is vaping or e-cigarette. A study by a U.S surgeon reveals that 40% of the high school students have tried vaping, which is an electronic cigarette.

The electronic gadgets imitate the feel of smoking, which comes in different flavors and different smokes and have grown its popularity. This device performs in a way where it vaporizes the liquid that is in the tube. The liquid is a mixture of water, propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine (an addictive substance). Somehow this has been promoted as a safer option to smoke than actual cigarettes. Recently, there have been a handful of incidents where vaping were found to be the cause of some serious disorders. One of them being that vaping can leave water in your lungs.

Does Vaping Leave Water In Your Lungs?

Does Vaping Leave Water In Your Lungs?

There is a mixture of proteins and lipids, which protects the alveolar region of the lungs. It reduces the surface tension that is created by the alveolar fluid which further prevents the lungs from collapsing. The very tiny particles in these e-cigarettes can go deeper in the lungs while vaping. Studies have proved that vaping attacks the lungs directly, and it affects the major cells in it which can leave water there.

An ingredient in the traditional cigarettes is found to damage the pulmonary surface layer. Vaping protects the lungs from damage as well. It might be a safer option to get rid of initial surface damage provided it is not addictive.

Symptoms of Water In The Lungs Due To Vaping

  • Severe coughs
  • Shortness of breath
  • Repeated fever
  • Chronic joint pains
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Exhausted feeling

While vaping, particles directly enter in the lungs which is likely to leave water inside leading to ‘wet lungs.’ When these particles reach the lungs, it instigates an immune response immediately that is called hypersensitivity. This leads to the tissues present in the lungs to inflame and proceed to abnormal behavior of the immune system of the body.

Research says that the number of patients having “wet lungs” is increasing. It has been brought to their knowledge that the popularity of e-cigarettes has suddenly increased than the conventional cigarettes. Vaping has gained popularity amongst the teenagers but the health risk remains unclear with the repeated cases faced.

How is Water in Lungs Due to Vaping Diagnosed?

There is no other diagnosis than physical examination. It is very important to be really careful with the diagnosis. This is because other problems can show similar symptoms as well.

  • Chest X-ray: This can reveal which part of the lungs is affected and to what extent.
  • CT Scan:This includes images taken from many different positions and viewing the cross-sections of the organs to get a more accurate view and a picture of the condition.
  • Lab Tests: A blood test can give results of the level of oxygen in the body or any infection or anemia. Secretion of the air tube may also be tested in case the doctor suspects any sort of infection in the lungs.
  • Heart Test: This is necessary to cross check if the symptoms are of the lung diseases or of the heart. Since at times, they give out the identical symptoms and it should be cleared before the doctor starts the treatment.

Treatment for Wet Lungs Caused Due to Vaping

Depending on the levels of the damage, treatments are provided; although, there is no such significant treatment for wet lungs caused due to vaping. It is very important to increase the oxygen level else the organs will not function properly.

  • In the initial stage of treatment for wet lungs caused due to vaping, oxygen can be provided through masks.
  • With a severe condition, the patient might need the help of a machine to breathe effortlessly. The process helps to push air into the lungs with the help of a mechanical ventilator which also helps to push out fluid from the air sacs.
  • The fluid needs to be carefully managed. If the fluid is too much, then it might increase the buildup level of the fluid in the lungs. This is a serious condition and it becomes difficult to get it under control in that case.
  • It is very important to bring in a change in the lifestyle before it is too late.

What is even more crucial is to quit any form of smoking and also avoid sharing smokes with anyone. There is no cure for such diseases if someone doesn’t want to change their lifestyle. Switching to vaping from conventional cigarettes might not help rather can aggravate the condition in the long run.

Repeated studies and research is still being executed to get to the conclusion to if actually vaping leaves water in your lungs. Some believe that it is really not possible because everything that is present in the vapor is water-soluble. The lungs have self-cleaning characteristics which can wash out 100% of the impurities. There is still no concrete answer to does actually vaping leave water in the lungs. All, that can be said is it might be less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes, but definitely not 100% safe.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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