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6 Advantageous Personality Traits of ADHD People

ADHD or the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a medical condition that affects the ability of a person to focus, pay attention, or manage his behavior.

ADHD condition is usually diagnosed in childhood, while many people remain undiagnosed till adulthood.

Characteristics displayed by a person with ADHD are:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Inattention
  • High energy levels

People with ADHD are evaluated on the basis of their symptoms. There is no definitive test for this condition.

Symptoms of people with ADHD are:

  • High impatience
  • Difficulty in performing tasks
  • Difficulty in following instructions
  • Losing things
  • Talking incessantly
  • Inattentive

People with ADHD are difficult to live with as they are not able to follow instructions.

6 Advantageous Personality Traits of ADHD People

6 Advantageous Personality Traits of ADHD People

No two people with ADHD have the same characteristics or personality traits. There are certain characteristics in them that can be advantageous. Some people with these conditions have reportedly benefitted from their characteristics. Listed here are few of the advantageous personality traits of ADHD people:

Extra Energy

The batteries of children with ADHD never run out. They are always going and going and going.

This endless energy can be channeled towards the playing field, school, or work, and some have been seen out performing.


People with ADHD are spontaneous. They are actually the life of parties, are more willing and open to take up a new task or break free from the status quo.

Being more impulsive, they make decisions without considering the consequences. This makes them take risks while other people are taking time in deciding. They also focus more on potential gains rather than potential losses. This helps them keep going.

Their impulsivity can be turned into spontaneity that can be positive for them in life.


An individual with ADHD has a different perspective on life. This encourages them to approach different tasks and situations with a thoughtful eye.

Some ADHD are intensive thinkers, artistic and creative.

A study published in Child Neuropsychology journal found that the ADHD group displayed a greater level of creativity in performing tasks than those without ADHD.(1)

Another study explored the creativity of adults with ADHD. They are asked to come up with new ways to use belts, books, tin, and towels. People without ADHD came up with almost the same ideas while those with ADHD generated more ideas.(2)

It is also seen that rewards and competitions can be a good motivator for a person with ADHD.

Hyper focused

According to research, some people with ADHD are hyper focused.(3) They get so involved in whatever they do that they may not even notice the world around them. They are so involved in their work that they tend to complete their work without any break in concentration.


Being different from others, make people with ADHD compassionate. They share unconditional love with others or those struggling.

They are always forgiving, helpful, and love everyone.

Emotional Processing

People with ADHD have problems in controlling their emotions. They often react to how they feel without filters.

According to researchers, it can be a good thing as allowing to feel emotions as they happen can help process them preparing for the future.(4)

Emotional dysregulation can be beneficial for those with ADHD to be used as an advantage later in life.

If diagnosed with ADHD, does not mean a person is at a disadvantage. It has in fact contributed to the success of many performers and businesspeople.

It is a manageable condition with numerous treatments available to improve a person’s behavior and concentration. They include medication and therapies.

Sometimes a person with ADHD would require help harnessing their traits so that they can benefit from them. Here the teachers, counselors, therapists, and parents play roles and help them explore their creative side or devote energy to something fruitful.

If taught adaptive techniques and time management and organization skills, people with ADHD are able to achieve better levels of concentration.

ADHD is not a challenge. Focusing on the positive aspects may help us move towards the solutions that can strengthen the skills.

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