7 Foods That Make ADHD Worse

ADHD is a kind of syndrome which is found in kids and even continues in adulthood. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the full form of the syndrome, which usually strikes kids at the age of 3 or above. The irritating behavior, hyper-activeness, lack of concentration, inability to understand what is told multiple times and getting furious or short bursts of temper at short intervals are some symptoms which you will find in children and adults suffering from ADHD.

Connection of Food with ADHD

Yes, according to scientists it is confirmed that what adults or children eat is directly hitting the target charts of ADHD problem. There are some sort of food items and preparations which are not fruitful for children who are going through a phase of ADHD.

The deficiency in different types of foods is the reason for the worst stage of ADHD in children as well as adults. Adequate levels of protein, vitamins and minerals are necessary each day for proper management and prevention of ADHD.

Foods like lean beef, poultry, eggs, beans, soy, low fat dairy products are very beneficial for ADHD sufferers. Protein rich diet is recommended to all age groups, so that their neurotransmitters get adequate supply of cells which helps in communicating with other body organs. Blood sugar is controlled by the use of protein rich diet on a regular basis.

Deficiencies in certain types of foods can worsen ADHD symptoms in children and adults. An ADHD diet that ensures you’re getting adequate levels of the right foods optimizes brain function and prevents ADHD. Well, there are various food products which should be avoided when suffering from ADHD. Hence, out of many foods, given below are 7 chief foods that make ADHD worse:

7 Foods That Make ADHD Worse

7 Foods That Make ADHD Worse

Soda Drinks

If your kid has ADHD then stop giving him/her soda drinks completely. Eliminate all kinds of acidic drinks from their life because they have artificial sweetening preservatives and the sugar content is very bad for their health. High fructose contents are worse for kids who suffer from ADHD. Corn syrup and caffeine both are contents which are in high quantity in the soda drinks. According to pediatrics and FDA department head, kids should avoid soda drinks which come in sealed brand bottles or prepared in a personalized café shop. After the intake of soda drinks, children usually behave adverse like and tend to become hyperactive when they are supposed to sleep or have a proper meal. They overreact whenever they are instructed to stop doing anything or stay calm. In fact kids tend to develop a common tendency towards aggression.

Candy Floss

Candy is a kind of favorite sweet food item which contains artificial colors made by chemicals and unlimited sugar. This is a very bad combination when we talk about ADHD affected children and adults. It should be avoided as much as possible. Kids who regularly have candy floss or toffies tend to cry more, shout in an irritating manner and become rebellious. So this is one of the important food item to avoid for kids suffering from ADHD.

Preserved Frozen Veggies and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for kids and adults of all age groups, but the problem is in the frozen kind. The fruits and veggies, which are available for sale in the departmental store in a frozen state, may have added chemicals, preservatives as well as colors to make them attractive. For children with ADHD, frozen products are a bad idea. Children suffering from ADHD should be given fresh vegetables and fruit juices without adding sugar or any preservatives and should avoid any of the frozen stuff.

However, in frozen varieties of fruits and vegetables, there is an insect control chemical mixed, i.e. organophosphates which actually has been proven to be harmful and can potentially cause neurologic and behavioral problems and further worsen ADHD.

Cakes and Frozen Desserts

Does your kid now and then behave in a fussy manner after consuming pastries, frostings and cakes? Then you should make it your priority to avoid them as artificial colors, sugar added flavors and oil mixed to bake the base and prepare cream respectively is very harmful for ADHD affected people. You may find your ADHD suffering kid behaving irrationally after eating cakes or sugar containing frost items. They have no health benefits and no vitamins at all. Even egg yolk mixed in the cake is overcooked because of which its advantages are almost nil. So, Cakes and Frozen Desserts are our food item no. 4 to avoid in children with ADHD.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are very popular amongst kids; however, a research study shows that kids with ADHD should avoid Energy drinks completely. Because of the high levels of caffeine and stimulants in the Energy drinks, doctors recommend parents to eliminate energy drinks from the diet of children suffering from ADHD. Instead of artificial preserved bottle energy drinks, it is better to give them lemon, sugar and salt fizz free drink after they come home exhausted. To avoid sun stroke and summer heat, you can offer them a glass of watermelon or lemonade. Freshly prepared orange juice is a good substitute for energy drinks. Try to add naturally prepared juices in their meal, rather spending money on unhealthy artificially prepared food items which worsen ADHD in children.

Seafood Items

All over the world, research has been conducted upon seafood affecting children with ADHD. Those who were suffering from ADHD were recommended to avoid tilefish, shark, king mackerel and swordfish for a few days in order to check their behavior changes. Yes, seafood was becoming the main culprit in meals which once avoided gave positive results in children with ADHD. Therefore, we can safely conclude that there was worsening of ADHD seen in kids who were fed large amount of seafood each week.

Food Sensitivity

Some kids have lactose intolerance by birth. They must avoid food products which contains high amount of lactose or milk particles. They can eat dark chocolate, egg without yolk and vegetables without starch. A doctor will go for a blood test for sensitivity issues in case the ADHD problem is at acute stage. Mostly, sensitivity to some food products leads to allergies, rashes and different mood swings and worsening of ADHD.

Final Thought on ADHD

There is no mental disability attached to this type of disorder, i.e. ADHD. It is just a behavioral and hyperactivity disorder which can be controlled by using simple tips and tricks at home. Avoid loud voices, screaming behavior and pay lots of attention and lot to your kids. Children with ADHD may need you almost every time they find themselves in a helpless situation or have difficulty in understanding things. Kids with ADHD do not confront others. They may be shy, overfriendly or aggressive. So, you need to be patient, friendly and very understanding while tackling the mood swings of children suffering from ADHD.

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