8 Tips for Baby’s Hair Care

Baby hair is tender and the same goes for the scalp, which is why extra hair care is required for it. Some babies have a lot of hair on the head, while some have less hair and slow hair growth as well.

There are various over-the-counter options marketed often, but a baby is very young to start with such products.

Proper care is important to keep the baby’s hair healthy and strong. There are a few ways with which one can maintain healthy hair growth for the child.

8 Tips for Baby’s Hair Care

8 Tips for Baby’s Hair Care

Baby’s Hair Care Tips:


The reason behind brittle hair in children is a dirty scalp. Shampooing the hair and scalp three times a week is very important.

Choose a shampoo that is just meant for the kids. Massage it on the scalp to get rid of the dirt. Wash off with normal temperature water.

Excessive washing also dries up the hair. therefore, do not shampoo hair every day.

Oil Massage

Oil massage helps improve blood circulation. It is important for the entire body, including the scalp.

Massaging scalp with oil improves the circulation to the follicles and improves hair growth. It moisturizes the scalp and prevents the formation of dandruff. It also helps in getting the child to sleep.

Take a sufficient amount of oil and massage onto the scalp in a circular motion. Do not apply pressure.

Natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil can be used for children.

Cradle Cap

The overproduction of sebum leads to the formation of a cradle cap. It looks like thin yellowish-white scales on the scalp. It is mostly found occurring in babies aged 8-12 months.

The solution is to regularly wash the scalp and comb it to keep it clean. Do not put talcum powder on the head during this time.


Combing help stimulate the porous opening of the scalp and maintain the sebum production.

Baby’s scalp is sensitive, make sure to be gentle while combing. Use a large tooth and a soft-bristle comb.

Combing hair once or twice in a day is enough for the baby. Do not comb many times in a day.

Trim Hair

Another tip to maintain healthy hair is to trim the hair regularly. It prevents the occurrence of split ends and other dryness related issues.

Also, short length hair is easy to maintain and keeps the child comfortable.

Shave Head

For those who do not have time to take care of your baby’s hair, shaving the hair off is a solution.

It goes well with the working mothers who do not have much time to devote to the hair care routine.

Choose The Right Hair Care Product

The product meant for adults contains strong chemicals that can prove to be harsh on the baby’s hair.

Baby products are specially designed keeping the skin and sensitivity of the babies in mind, such as tearless shampoo, which even if trickles down to the eyes, does not hurt.

Get Rid Of Tangled Hair

Tangled hair is a common problem experienced by babies who have long hair. A good way to keep the hair untangled is by using a baby-friendly conditioner. Also, comb their hair frequently without too much force.

Whether a baby has a head full of hair or is completely bald. Remember to follow the hair care routine to keep the scalp healthy and free from disease. Taking care of the baby’s hair is not a big task. All you need is to follow a daily basic hair care regime to keep the hair healthy and strong.

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