6 Foods That Improve Blood Circulation

Understanding The Circulatory System?

The circulatory system is an extremely vital component of the human body system. It requires the circulatory system to be working efficiently for an individual to be healthy and fit. The function of the circulatory system is to carry oxygenated bloods from the heart to different organs of the body through the arteries and veins. When the oxygen from the blood gets absorbed, the circulatory system then carries the deoxygenated blood back to the heart from where it goes to the lungs to get oxygenated again and the same process follows.

Apart from oxygen and nutrients in the blood, there are also certain other materials that mix with the bloodstream like plaque and other fatty substances from the food that an individual eats which gets deposited in the walls of the arteries. This leads to accumulation of the fatty material and plaque and over time causes narrowing of the arteries. When this happens, the blood is not able to flow through the arteries smoothly. This significantly impacts the blood circulation leading to various symptoms.

Peripheral artery disease is the best example where the circulatory system gets affected leading to what is known as lower extremity claudication. While there are many medications to improve blood circulation there are also certain foods that help in improving blood circulation in the body and keep an individual fit and healthy for a long time. This article gives a brief overview of some of the foods that when incorporated in the diet on a daily basis can help immensely in improving the blood circulation in the body.

6 Foods That Improve Blood Circulation

6 Foods That Improve Blood Circulation

Some of the foods which improve blood circulation in the body are:

Dark Chocolate: This is a type of food which many people do not prefer to eat due to its high content of caffeine but when it comes to blood circulation this is a food which may be taken albeit in moderation. Dark Chocolate helps produce nitric oxide which strengthens the heart and keeps the veins dilated which allows smooth flow of blood. It also has antioxidants in abundance which keep the blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control which further aids in an individual having a good circulatory system.

Turmeric: This is an ancient spice which has many medicinal properties. Turmeric keeps the arteries and veins clean and unclogged thus allowing smooth flow of blood through the arteries and veins. Having milk mixed with turmeric everyday not only keeps the blood circulation going but also helps the overall health of the individual. It can also be added to various curries which not only make the curries tasty but also help with the circulatory system.

Beet Juice: Beets are extremely rich in nitrates. Nitrates are essential for quicker flow of blood through the arteries to different parts of the body and also improve the blood flow. Nitrates also help oxygen reach to the muscles of the body quicker. Beet juice thus is an excellent mode of improving the blood circulation in the body. Drinking beet juice on a daily basis also helps in controlling blood pressure which again improves the blood circulation in the body. Beet Juice is also quite beneficial for individuals dealing with peripheral artery disease which is a condition stemming out of poor blood circulation.

Salmon: This seafood is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is extremely vital for the overall health of an individual and is not produced naturally by the body. Eating salmon two times a week is good enough to improve blood circulation in the body. Salmon also contains anticoagulation properties which help in preventing blood clot formation which is yet another complication of poor blood circulation. Studies also prove that an individual with deficiency of omega-3 fatty acid is more likely to develop problems with poor circulation than the normal population.

Cayenne Pepper: This spice strengthens the arteries and blood vessels thus allowing the circulation to improve. Normally this spice is used in meat products but it can also be used in daily foods and will provide the same efficacy when it comes to improving blood circulation.

Radish: This is yet another food which helps in improving blood circulation in the body. Radish is extremely rich in potassium which keeps the blood pressure in check and improves blood circulation. Just consuming one radish a day with food can do wonders for the blood pressure and improving the blood circulation in the body.

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