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How To Stay Motivated During Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, is an ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019. It’s caused by the SARS-CoV 2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2). In December 2019, this novel virus was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan. A lockdown in Wuhan and other cities surrounding Hubei failed to contain the outbreak, and it quickly spread to other parts of China and around the world.(1) Multiple variants of the virus have occurred and become dominant since 2021. As of October 2021, more than 240 million cases and over 5 Lakh deaths have been confirmed around the world making it one of the deadliest pandemics in history.

Many people are suffering mentally, physically, and economically due to Covid-19. Experts have noted significant rise in people encountering anxiety, insomnia, increased cases of mental health issues, and also substance abuse. The pandemic has made people to experience fear, bereavement, isolation, loss of income all of which are triggering mental health conditions or worsening the existing ones. Here are some tips to stay motivated during Covid-19.

How To Stay Motivated During Covid-19?

How To Stay Motivated During Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been very stressful causing a lot of people to be anxious about various things like the fear of the infection, isolation, losing job etc. Thus, it is very important to take care of their mental health to stay motivated just the way people have been taking care of their physical health. Let us look at some of the ways in which one can stay motivated.

Prioritize Your Mental Health: When your mind is filled with anxiety you can’t stay motivated and no work technique is going to keep you motivated. Taking care of yourself can help you to manage your mental health during this time, so make sure you aren’t allowing the basics to fall through the cracks. Daily meditation or online yoga classes can help you to better manage your mind and mental health. Try to move a bit each day with a walk around your block.(2, 3) Take time to eat balanced meals and maintain a normal sleep schedule. Allow yourself time to enjoy TV and social media and with your friends online, and try to curtail the time you spend listening to pandemic news. Limit yourself from reading the Covid-19 related news for only a minimum amount of time in the morning, and then leave it alone.

Set a Daily Schedule and Small Goals to Stay Motivated During Covid-19: This isn’t a normal time and your productivity is likely not at its peak point. Setting a daily schedule can help you to make your day as productive as possible. Setting smaller goals that can feasibly be undertaken in a day can help you stay on track. Try to make a shortlist of manageable tasks to get through every day.(3)

Virtual Get Together With Friends To Stay Motivated During Covid-19: Social distancing can be the toughest aspect of this pandemic for many people. Not getting to spend time with friends can be emotionally difficult. However, social distancing does not mean you have to say goodbye to social life. So, set virtual get-togethers with your friends, and have them often. Plan video calls on Friday evenings to celebrate getting through another week, or have a virtual game night on Saturday with the use of different multiplayer apps.(2)

Be Okay With Not Being Productive Right Now: Right now, nobody’s life is normal and you may have some good days when you’re very motivated to get all your work done and also some bad days when you have a very low motivation and feel anxious or stressed. When work feels very difficult, prioritize the tasks that needs to be done that day or what has a deadline soon. Get through high-priority works and then let yourself have the rest of the day off. It’s okay to expect less from yourself right now.(1, 3)

Share Some Kindness To Stay Motivated During Covid-19: Whenever you find time, do something for the community. It can be a charitable work like helping the needy people with some food or helping the students who don’t afford to have home tuition with some academic support or feeding the stray animals. Do anything but gracefully and maintaining covid norms. It will definitely charge you up.(1)


Although the pandemic feels like an endless thing, yet it will eventually end. The positive life changes that you adopt now can help you to lead a happy life throughout. Since the situation outside is out of anyone’s control so being anxious can be natural but there are good ways to stay calm and composed inside. If you can create enchanting views towards life, life will shower you with all beautiful things. Make this tough time your ally – that will be the best investment.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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