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What Is The Risk Of My Child Becoming Sick With The Coronavirus Disease?

Right from the beginning of the year 2020, the world is in war with one common invisible enemy called the Coronavirus or COVID-19. This virus has now gripped more than 200 countries. Physicians and researchers globally are working overtime to try and find a way to contain the spread of this virus or find a vaccine to kill it but have not come up with a solution as of yet. Countries are trying medications used for other conditions like malaria to try and treat Coronavirus or COVID-19 with limited data on the success rate.[1]

What started off presumably as a viral infection from a seafood market in Wuhan, China has spread like wildfire to engulf whole of Europe and the United States. Italy, Spain, and England are worst hit countries in Europe with Italy topping the list in terms of confirmed cases of Coronavirus or COVID-19 and the number of fatalities. However, it is the United States that has surpassed everyone and tops the list worldwide in terms of confirmed cases and fatalities due to Coronavirus or COVID-19 with over 500,000 confirmed cases and more than 20,000 fatalities. These figures are on the rise even now as more and more people are getting tested for this virus.[1]

The only positive that comes out of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 infection is the mortality rate which is very low when compared to other infections like SARS and MERS of the coronavirus family. The only thing about Coronavirus or COVID-19 that is wreaking havoc globally is the rapid rate of its spread, especially in the vulnerable population. People who are immune compromised or have uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, and asthma are at highest risk of getting complications arising out of Coronavirus or COVID-19.[1]

There are many instances where the Coronavirus or COVID-19 does not produce any symptoms at all but can still spread. In such instances, the person carrying the virus is called a carrier. As of now, there is no vaccine or treatment for Coronavirus or COVID-19 but research is going on to find one on a war footing. Most parents are worried of their children getting sick with the Coronavirus or COVID-19.[1] The risk of children getting this infection in children is what has been discussed in the article below.

What Is The Risk Of My Child Becoming Sick With The Coronavirus Disease?

What Is The Risk Of My Child Becoming Sick With The Coronavirus Disease?

As of the current data available with the researchers, children are at very less risk for getting Coronavirus or COVID-19. Even though cough and cold are common in children, COVID-19 does not seem to affect them. Why is this the case is not known but as of now the risk for Coronavirus or COVID-19 is very less in children even though there have been a few cases where the virus has affected children but either they have been newborns or have had conditions like asthma.[2]

That being said, it is best to keep children indoors and away from people who have cough or cold at this time when the virus is affecting almost everyone it comes in contact with. It is also mandatory for children to wear facemask at all times, except while eating and sleeping for extra protection.[2]

In conclusion, as of now there is no data that children are at increased risk for getting COVID-19. There have been a few instances of children getting this infection but such cases a very few. The reason behind this is not known even though the immune system of children is still in a developing stage and researchers are trying reason this out.[1,2]

Thus parents need not worry too much that their children might get infected with Coronavirus or COVID-19. However, they should take precautions like covering their face and staying away from people with cough and cold so as not to contract the virus. In instances where a child has asthma or other respiratory condition then it is vital to avoid any sick contacts or unnecessary travel outside to prevent them from Coronavirus or COVID-19.[1,2]


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