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Foods in Paleo Diet Plan for People With Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health hazard that can occur to anyone anytime. When people suffer from diabetes their body is unable to balance the required amount of glucose in blood. This becomes a serious disease with time and hence you must treat diabetes at an early stage. The best way to prevent diabetes is maintaining a proper healthy diet and paleo diet plan for diabetes can works wonders.

So why not take proper care so that you can control any unwanted health issues in future. Paleo diet plan for diabetics is a great way in which you can control diabetic. This form of diet has become a trend for diabetic patients and many have seen effective results.

Foods in Paleo Diet Plan for People With Diabetes

Paleo diet for diabetics is a special kind of diet mainly developed for the diabetic patients. This diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. This contains special food items that do not allow any allergic reactions. Paleo diet is very good for diabetics especially for the following reasons. Not only does it control diabetes but also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. The blood glucose level is controlled in a much better way with paleo diet for diabetics. Another important factor in diabetes is of being overweight or obese and paleo diet for diabetics helps to reduce weight at a much faster rate. Different studies and researches have proved many diabetics have responded miraculously to this new form of diet.

Following this diet for 2 weeks have given marvelous results to patients. Another important factor behind the success of paleo diet is that there is hardly any sugar content in the diet hence one can be rest assured that you are not in taking any form of glucose in your diet. Critics however say that paleo diet is not balanced and a lot of important food groups are missing from it. However researchers have found out different recipes for paleo diet and one can choose the best one according to their health issues. There have been examples of people who are only following paleo diet for diabetes without any medication to treat their sugar levels. For those who are new to the world of diabetes it is best to consult your doctor before starting with paleo diet plan for diabetics.

We have been talking about this diet for so long but one must know how to prepare a proper paleo diet. Here is the typical guide to a healthy paleo diet plan for diabetics which you can follow. A proper diet includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. A typical paleo diet contains everything from vegetables to meat but to a certain level.1, 2

Paleo Diet: Breakfast

A proper paleo breakfast can contain fruits such as apple, blackberries, grapes, lime, and banana. With fruits you can intake one diary product with breakfast such as skimmed milk. Some versions allow the intake one grain item for breakfast along with milk and fruits. Grains that can be included are mainly complex carbs like brown bread and cereals. After this heavy breakfast you will be almost full with limited intake of sugar only if grains are consumed.3

Paleo Diet: Lunch

Paleo diet plan for diabetics includes a proper paleo lunch as well. So you can consume the foods to include in paleo diet for lunch. One small cup of rice preferably brown rice along with vegetables such as carrots, spinach, cabbage, broccoli and parsley is perfect for lunch. You must avoid eating potatoes whereas eating one potato a week or after 1-2 days is allowed. Either of the fish or meat can be added to your diet. In meat you can eat chicken breast, beef steaks, shrimp, salmon, Elk and so on. Among fish you can try lobster, oyster, sunfish, and crab. Choose from these food items to make up your lunch when following paleo diet plan for diabetics.4

Paleo Diet: Evening Snacks

For snacks you can eat sliced lean beef, seasonal fruits or apricots which are fresh. You can also eat fresh apple and raw walnuts in paleo diet plan for diabetics.

Paleo Diet: Dinner

For dinner you can again consume fruits or vegetables that you have missed in lunch and breakfast. As an essential part of paleo diet plan for diabetics, you must keep your dinner simple and light.5

Points to Remember

You should drink a lot of water when following this diet. Water will help you consume the food items in a proper way, aid better digestion and will help to keep your body hydrated. Another important point is to make sure your lunch and dinner is cooked with either of olive oil or coconut oil.

Paleo Diet: Foods to Be Avoided

If you keen on following paleo diet plan for diabetics then you must strictly follow the food items mentioned. Some of the foods which you should not consume at all are sugar, salt, processed foods, preserved fruit juices and refined oil. If you want to have fruit juice then always go for freshly prepared fruit juices. You must also reduce the salt intake in your food.6

It is always advised to keep a check on your diet once diagnosed with diabetes. Along with following the paleo diet plan for diabetics you must maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting up early in the morning, going for a brisk walk, and eating a light and healthy breakfast are some of the must do things for diabetics. You must inculcate all good habits those can help you lead a healthy life without the complications of diabetes.


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