Importance of Blood Sugar Control & Measures to Control it

Oftentimes, people tend to neglect their blood sugar level when they are healthy and do not pay heed to the preventive measures that they should be taking in order to control blood sugar unless they encounter its consequences and by that time it becomes too late. As we all know that prevention is better than cure, we all should indulge ourselves in looking after our health every day so that we don’t fall in any sickness all of a sudden. It is essential to control blood sugar even if the person is not diagnosed with diabetes with daily efforts, since small steps go a long way.

Why Does Blood Sugar Level Increase?

Blood sugar level can go on a sudden hike due to the various reasons such as stress of work, consumption of sweeteners, skipping meals, cigarette smoking etc. It is generally classified as diabetes when the insulin production in the pancreas decreases to a great extent, thus disabling glucose from being converted into glycogen which increases blood sugar or glucose levels in turn.

Why Does Blood Sugar Level Decrease?

Though comparatively less frequent than increase of blood sugar, decrease of blood sugar is actually even more fatal. It generally happens with patients of Diabetes if they accidentally use more of their medicine to control blood sugar.

Importance of Blood Sugar Control

Importance of Blood Sugar Control

Blood sugar control should never be neglected due to the following reasons:

  1. If blood sugar level fluctuations are not reduced, then in course of time, your body may get affected with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar or diabetes) etc.
  2. Not controlling your blood sugars can cause diabetes during pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes) in ladies which may put adverse effects on both the lady and her child and also it stays even after childbirth as Type 2 Diabetes if left uncontrolled.
  3. In course of time, uncontrolled blood sugar levels can put pressure on the major blood vessels eventually causing damage to the organs they supply blood to which leads to complications of diabetes.
  4. Effects of uncontrolled blood sugar levels on kidneys may result in kidney failure, and its treatments like kidney transplantation and dialysis are very troublesome processes to encounter.
  5. Importance of blood sugar control relates to the eye health as well. Uncontrolled blood sugars can cause severe harm to eyesight of the person and may result in permanent blindness which is almost impossible to undo.
  6. Blood sugar can also affect the heart and make the person prone to heart diseases which are very difficult to handle and increases the risk of heart attacks, since all patients of diabetes show increased vulnerability of cardio vascular diseases.

Measures to Control Blood Sugar

Listed below are some of the simple self care measures that one can follow to effectively control blood sugar:

  1. Medications:

    If you seriously want to control your blood sugar level, then it very important that you take your prescribed medications for diabetes on a regular basis without skipping it nor overdosing on it.

  2. Yoga

    Yoga is a medicine free practice in which the patient has to do asanas regularly that affects the body in a positive way. Yoga not only helps to control blood sugar, but also keeps the body fit and cures many other diseases as well. Also it results in better blood circulation to the various parts of the body making you feel highly active and rejuvenated.

  3. Walking

    One of the best remedies to control blood sugar is walking. It is a moderate exercise that helps the body by making the heart beats slightly fast paced. Since the process uses a lot of glucose in the body, sugar levels get reduced. A 30 minute walk every day is sufficient to keep the blood sugar in control. Also, walking helps in improvising and enhancing the working of insulin to lower glucose levels in the body.

  4. Diet:

    Take care of your carb intake since they breakdown to increase the levels of glucose in your body eventually. Also include more fibers and roughage in your regular diet to improve the glucose levels as well.

  5. Healthy Eating Habits

    It is important to have all your meals on a timely basis to have an effective control over blood sugar. Skipping meals is strict no. When you don’t eat for long for whatever reasons, more glucose gets released in your body.

  6. Be Well Hydrated:

    Keep your body well hydrated by drinking lots of water since sufficient water intake helps in keeping the blood sugar levels lower.

  7. Get Proper Sleep:

    It is important to get proper sleep and maintain a good sleep-wake cycle to effectively control your blood sugar. Not getting enough sleep can result in high blood sugar and increased appetite. If your sleep is getting disrupted due to frequent need to urinate then it may be a sign of high blood glucose. You need to talk to you healthcare provider regarding any such signs or symptoms that you could be experiencing.

  8. Be Well Informed:

    Spend some time in getting the knowledge of various foods and their glycemic indexes. The foods with low glycemic index (GI) help you in controlling your sugar levels.

  9. Proper Monitoring:

    One of the ways to have an effective control over your blood sugar is to monitor the blood sugar levels regularly at home. Proper monitoring helps you identify what causes your sugar levels to fluctuate, it also helps you to take immediate remedial measures to control your blood sugar.

    Apart from paying attention to these measures, also take care of your stress level. ‘Be healthier and live longer’ is what we all should follow.

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