Foods to Avoid in Low Glycemic Index Diet & its Benefits

Carbohydrates are an indispensible part of your daily nutrition plan as they provide you with the much-required energy and strength. However, with an array of carbohydrates available in the market, it is necessary to choose the healthy ones. Healthy carbs do not fill your body with empty calories or raise your glucose levels but instead keep you healthy, boost your immune system and are also rich in fiber. A low glycemic index diet include such healthy carbs. Learn about the foods to avoid in a low glycemic index diet, what can form your low glycemic index diet and its benefits.

Foods to Avoid in Low Glycemic Index Diet

Foods to Avoid in a Low Glycemic Index Diet

There are some food items which have an extremely high-glycemic index and must be avoided by all means. Make sure to avoid such foods to enjoy the benefits of a low glycemic diet.

  • Sweets and Syrups – Sweets have an extremely high glycemic index and cause the blood sugar levels in the body to rise considerably. Sweets leave you feeling drained, exhausted and depressed and are best avoided.
  • Processed foods – Being full of sodium, processed foods create an electrolyte imbalance in the body leaving you irritable and dehydrated. It also encourages excess water retention in the body thereby making you bloat.
  • Coffee – Another addictive and high glycemic index food is coffee, which can overstimulate you, make you angry and stressed and also reduce sleep.
  • Fried foods – One of the major drawbacks of such foods is that they are heavy to digest, thereby making you feel tired and fatigued all day long.

Foods That Form Low Glycemic Index Diet

Here are some top foods that can form your low glycemic index diet

  • Sweets made out of jaggery or dates and not sugar. Use jaggery which is free of chemical and organic ally grown dates. Sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and groundnuts are also energy packed and nutritious snacks which offer the benefits of a low glycemic index diet.
  • To fight off weariness and fatigue, you can opt for sprouts salad which is a great mid-evening snack. This is sure to provide you with the benefits of a low glycemic index diet
  • Smoothies made using fresh seasonal fruits and yogurt are also a great option. Other ideal energy drinks include coconut water, buttermilk and green tea.
  • Multigrain or whole wheat sandwich with vegetables and cottage cheese are a great option as compared to fried foods and sweets.
  • Other foods which can be a part of your low glycemic index diet are pasture-raised eggs and chickens, soybeans, tofu, dry peas and kidney beans.
  • Some of the best fruits to consume as part of a low glycemic index diet are figs, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, raisins and apricots. These fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, water and offers great benefits of a low glycemic index diet.

Benefits of a Low Glycemic Index Diet

Glycemic index or GI is a way in which we measure the effects of the food consumed on your blood sugar level. Some foods which have a low glycemic index digest very slowly while the ones with a high glycemic index get digested quickly. Foods which digest slowly or low glycemic index foods help keep you full for a longer period of time. It even helps curb cravings for fatty foods. Moreover, these foods are helpful in preventing major diseases such as diabetes and obesity, kidney and heart issues, depression and cancer to name some.

On the other hand, foods rich in carbohydrates or high glycemic index cause your blood sugar levels to spike up immediately after consumption. After a while, when the blood sugar begins to drop, you start feeling lazy and dull and in order to feel good again, you consume the same kind of foods rich in carbohydrates.

Here are Some of the Major Benefits of a Low Glycemic Index Diet:

  1. Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

    Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases in today’s time with no cure and only effective management can be planned. Eating the wrong type of carbohydrates often contributes to diabetes, other than lack of exercise, excess body fat and your genes. Studies reveal that eating foods with a low glycemic index diet can cause less insulin resistance as compared to having high glycemic index foods. One of the most important benefits of a low glycemic index is that it can lower the risk of diabetes. Replace white bread or rice and high-sugar foods with brown rice, whole wheat bread and oatmeal.

  2. Low Glycemic Index Diet is Beneficial in Reducing the Risk of Heart Diseases

    A recent study has revealed that people who eat whole wheat grains run a reduced risk of heart diseases by almost 30 percent. Pastas, rice and breads made of whole-wheat along with oatmeal are all part of a low glycemic index diet. It helps to keep your blood sugar and cholesterol level in check, which are the major risk factors of heart attacks and strokes. Hence, the benefits of a low glycemic index diet must necessarily include reduced risk of heart diseases.

  3. Fights Inflammation

    When there are high levels of bad cholesterol in the body, it can damage the artery walls and the area might get inflamed. A low glycemic index diet can help clear out extra cholesterol from the body and protect the artery walls. Eating a diet rich in fiber also helps reduce the inflammation by almost 60 percent as compared to a diet which has low amounts of fiber in it. One of the major benefits of a low glycemic index diet is that it fights inflammation. This is beneficial for people with inflammatory conditions like arthritis, autoimmune disorders and also to reduce the risk of cancer.

  4. Weight Loss Benefits of Low Glycemic Index Diet

    One of the most popular benefits of a low glycemic index diet is that it helps you lose weight easily. It is a proven fact that people who eat a low glycemic index diet are closer to their ideal body weight as compared to those who consume more of starchy or sugary foods. As low glycemic index foods are digested slowly, they help curb cravings and reduce appetite to a large extent.


Now that you know what the benefits of a low glycemic index diet are follow it religiously for your wellbeing. Include low glycemic index foods in your diet, not only stay fit but also remain healthy while keeping most diseases at bay. Also, it is best to stay away from high glycemic index foods as they increase the risk of many disorders in the long run.