Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

Today, radioactive material is used in medical science for different purposes and its application has helped in diagnosis and treatment of medical ailments. Unfortunately, this radioactive material also has side effects that can prove to be hazardous for human, especially if they are exposed to radioactive material for prolonged hours. Hence, it is necessary to protect yourself from radiation exposure. There are some natural remedies, which can be used for protecting yourself from radiation exposure.

Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure

There are several harmful effects of radiation exposure and most of these effects often go unobserved.

  • Low-level radiation exposure can lead to digestive imbalance, headaches, fatigue, scalp tenderness, nausea, itchy skin and scalp discoloration. In some cases, low-grade radiation exposure may also lead to decreased lymphocytes in your blood, deterioration of cellular structures in tissue and key organ systems, memory problems, brain damage, reduced hearing capacity, mood changes and more.
  • Higher-grade radiation exposure can lead to nerve damage, bloody vomiting, seizures, blood vessel damages and prolonged exposure can sometimes even lead to death. Moreover, the reproduction system is also susceptible to radiation exposure and prolonged exposure to radiation can increase the risk of birth defects, fertility problems and still births.

People working in areas of radiation exposure like those involved in medical X-rays and other investigations need to protect themselves. Similarly those who are continuously exposed to radiation either as a part of investigations, treatments or any other purpose, also need to take necessary precautions for protecting yourself. Whether you want to get prepared for the worst situations of radiation exposure or merely want to heal the body from the low-grade damages caused by radiation exposure, there are certain natural remedies for radiation exposure that can help you.

Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

  • Nascent Iodine – Radiation adversely affects the thyroid gland of human and impacts its capability to create iodine which is very essential for immune function, healthy DNA integrity, cardiovascular health and endocrine balance. So, using nascent iodine can help you combat the harmful effects of radiation exposure as it will counteract the adverse effects of radioactive iodine. Nascent Iodine is the most commonly found, bio-available iodine that can help you in protecting yourself from radiation exposure by decreasing the stored and accumulated radioactive toxins in thyroid gland.
  • Turmeric – Having raw turmeric is proved to be helpful and the best natural remedy for radiation exposure. The key ingredient in turmeric called cur-cumin is considered as an effective substance in protecting tissue damage from radiation exposure. Protecting yourself from radiation exposure with turmeric can help and it also helps in the development of breast cancer due to radiation exposure.
  • Beetroot – After a person is exposed to radiation for long hours the blood hemoglobin level breaks down. According to studies, beetroot is a powerful source of iron that can rebuild the damaged hemoglobin in blood. It has been proved that people eating beet pulp regularly in their diet can efficiently reduce the harmful effects of radioactive cesium than the person who don’t eat. So, if you are aiming at protecting yourself from radiation exposure and detoxifying your system, you can include beetroot in your regular diet.
  • Cold Pressed Organic Vegetable Oils – Extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil and coconut oil are some of the cold pressed organic vegetable oils, which are excellent home remedies for protecting yourself from radiation exposure. These oils have the potential to pull the radiation effects out from body. People working in nuclear plants or people who are residing close to industries, which often release harmful radiation must include these vegetable oils and use it for cooking.
  • Bee Pollen – This is one of the effective natural remedies for radiation exposure. Studies have proved that it can lower down the adverse effects of radiation exposure, especially the radiation of x-rays, radium and cobalt radiotherapy. Exposure to radiation significantly reduces the natural vital substances in body like red blood cells, white blood cells, antibodies and more. So, with the help of bee pollen these vital substances can be restored and boosted, thus protecting yourself from radiation exposure.
  • Papain – It is the cysteine hydrolase that is naturally extracted from papaya fruit and it is commonly known to decrease the effects of toxic substances. It is clinically proven that people supplemented with papain, one of the best natural remedies, are likely to survive and withstand the lethal amount of radiation.
  • Rosemary – This is one of the wonderful herbs that are quite effective for people who are exposed to radiation for prolonged hours daily. The crucial substances found in rosemary are rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid and both these substances are helpful to combat against the harmful effects of radiation which may cause cellular damages. These two substances are also helpful in flushing away the free radicals which may damage the genes.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – Another popular natural remedy for protecting yourself from radiation exposure. It is extracted purely from aloe plant and considered to be very helpful for people exposed to radiation. The gel comprises some clinically approved radio-protective elements. Small amount of gel can be helpful for you to get additional protection from radiation exposure.
  • Leafy Greens – All green vegetables are rich in molecule chlorophyll which is actually alkaline that helps to protect your body from radiation damages. For added protection eating dark green vegetables like alfalfa leaves and mustard greens or collards and kale.

These are some natural remedies for protecting yourself from radiation exposure. You may also include vitamins like beta-carotene, and Vitamin C, K, and E as these vitamins will help you repair the damaged cells after radiation exposure.

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