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How Do You Get Rid of Fluid in Your Feet and Legs?

How Do You Get Rid of Fluid in Your Feet and Legs?

Nowadays, the problem of water or fluid retention in the body especially in the legs and feet has increased drastically. There are many causes that lead to water retention, let’s take a look on some the ways to avoid water retention by flushing the excess fluid from the body.

How Do You Get Rid of Fluid in Your Feet and Legs?

Visit a Doctor: Water or fluid retention is a common indication of different types of health problems related to liver, kidney or heart. Hence, it is very important that one should visit a medical expert and get proper treatment for the health problem.

Increase Intake of Protein: People suffering from accumulation of fluid in the feet or legs should increase their daily protein intake. This is because protein is very helpful in releasing excess fluid accumulated in the body.

Frequent Change of Medication: Patients who alter the dose of medication also suffer from fluid accumulation in the body. Hence, one should alter the dose of medication only when it is prescribed by the doctor. Never make the mistake of altering medication dosage on its own.

Increase intake of Bananas: Bananas are high in potassium content and potassium is very efficient in removing excess amount of fluid from the body. Also, one should include more and more vegetables like parsley, leafy vegetables, cucumber and cabbage in daily diet.

Acupuncture: Many people suffering from fluid accumulation have experienced relief from acupuncture. This therapy is used to release excess fluid from legs and feet from individual body.

Intake of Proper Nutrition: Release of excess amount of fluid from the body is also possible when patient take appropriate amount of magnesium, manganese and Calcium.

Avoid Intake of Dehydrating Drinks: People should significantly cut down on the intake of dehydrating drinks, such as tea, alcohol or coffee. This is so because intake of such drinks in excess amount will lead to accumulation of fluid in the legs or feet.

Diuretic Action Drink: Cranberry juice is high in diuretic action rink content which drastically reduces the level of water from body. When the water content in the body is reduced then it body tries to store more fluid. This causes water retention. Hence, individuals should strictly avoid intake of drinks or juices that are high in diuretic action rink content.

Increase Water Intake: One common mistake which majority of people suffering from fluid accumulation make is reducing the intake of water but this is not right. In fact, when the level of water decreases in the body then the body starts to accumulate more and more fluid to avoid dehydration. On the contrary, intake of adequate amount of water help kidney to successfully flush out excess amount of water.

Menstrual Cycle: In women water or fluid retention during their menstrual cycle. After the periods the retained water is auto released from the body. As such there is no way by which water retention because of this cause can be avoided.

Maintain food diary: One should maintain a food diary to maintain a record a food taken by the patient and should tract the food items that leads to sensation of bloating and causing swelling in patient’s body.

Avoid Sodium: One should strict limit or avoid intake of sodium because sodium is known to absorb excess amount of water in the body that causes water retention. One can get rid of water retention by avoid sodium rich diet.

Balance Diet: People suffering from water retention should opt for a perfect balance diet, including leafy vegetables, healthy grains and fibrous foods.

Exercise: Indulging in physical activity helps in flushing excess fluid from the body. A simple twenty minutes’ walk is enough to activate the water elimination from the body (especially legs and feet).


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