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Can Ocular Rosacea Go Away on Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Ocular rosacea is a type of inflammation and it causes itching, burning, and redness of one’s eyes. It also develops in individuals suffering from a chronic skin condition or rosacea, which affects the patients’ faces. In some cases, ocular rosacea is the first indication related to the development of the facial type of rosacea. The condition mainly affects adults from a minimum of 30 years to 50 years age. Also, the problem develops in people tend to flush and blush easily.

Can Ocular Rosacea Go Away on Its Own?

Can Ocular Rosacea Go Away on Its Own?

No, ocular rosacea does not have any specific cure or treatment. However, patients may easily manage their underlying symptoms via proper eye care and intake of certain medications. Also, the instances associated with recurring symptoms are common. Especially, ocular rosacea patients remain at a relatively high risk to suffer from an eye infection, sensitivity towards light and vision loss.(1)

Natural Remedies To Deal With Ocular Rosacea

You may manage the condition of ocular rosacea by simply maintaining a strict eye care schedule. You have to follow the respective routine even when you find improvement in your condition. This step helps you to prevent any type of flare-up. Accordingly, you should follow the mentioned tips to manage your underlying condition-

Wash Your Eyelid and Face Areas: You should wash your eyelid and face areas by using natural and tea tree type of oil soap. This helps you to soothe your eye itching and redness as compared to using any of the chemical-based soaps. Tea tree oil is also excellent for varieties of Demodex eyelid mites, which are common in people suffering from ocular rosacea.

Make Sure to Clean Eyelids For 2 Times In A Day: You should spray a cotton round or a ball by using a suitable hypochlorous acidic eyelid cleanser and later on, moved across your eyelids for the eradication of debris and oil from the respective area.

Application Of A Warm And Compress Eye Mask: If you want to lose the blocked glands, you should apply a warm and compressed type of eye mask, like for instance Heyedrate, which microwaves for about 20 seconds. You have to allow the mask to sit on your closed eyes for a minimum of 10 minutes to 20 minutes period while reheating according to the specific requirement.

Strictly Avoid Any Type Of Makeup: The moment you notice any type of flare-up, you should start to avoid using any type of makeup and/or facial products, especially the ones, which have fragrances or similar types of skin irritants. Simultaneously, you should apply natural makeup remover and avoid the ones, which come as filled with harmful chemicals.

Give Priority To Glasses Rather Than Contact Lenses: In some cases, contact lenses may cause irritation to your eyes. Thus, the moment you identify any type of irritation, you should switch to contact lenses. If you have to use contact lenses (of course after your symptoms improve), you should go with a disposable type of lens, which you may throw daily.

Limit Your Exposure To The Sunlight: You should use a hat, suitable sunscreen lotion, and sunglasses to avoid or limit your exposure to the sunlight. You have to keep in mind that UV rays are prime triggers of ocular rosacea. Also, you should strictly stay away from any of the sun’s tanning beds.

Make Your Habit To Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Most of the studies have proved that the consumption of fish oil and flaxseed oil may help in reducing your flare-ups related to ocular rosacea.

Never Forget Using Artificial Tears: Artificial tears alleviate your eyes’ dryness problems. However, before using them, you should consult with your eye specialist and in turn, get guidance on the use of specific eye drops and their respective usage frequencies. Even though artificial tears may not help you in treating the condition but gives you relief from the symptoms for about a few minutes to several hours.(2)


To conclude, we should say that ocular rosacea never goes away on its own. However, you may follow a variety of natural remedies to manage your condition.


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