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Best Way to Grow and Take Care of Your Beard

A well grown beard is just the perfect way to authenticate your manliness. It is also undoubtedly one of the most prominent physical characteristic that defines a man. Though we see several men around us with a well grown and maintained beard, in reality it is not so easy to grow it. In order to save the time spent on shaving, you will also need to groom it regularly and maintain it well. Know the best ways to grow a beard and take care of it on a regular basis.

Best Way to Grow and Take Care of Your Beard

Best Way to Grow and Take Care of Your Beard?

Before we understand what the best ways to grow a beard and take care of it are, it is important to know that growing a beard and feeling lazy to shave every day is just not the same thing. Feeling lazy to shave will make you grow a beard but you will just not take care of it and maintain it well. You might have to let go of it soon too. On the other hand growing a beard and taking care of it regularly is something which requires patience and the will to make the beard a part of your everyday appearance.

Here are some of the best ways to grow and take care of your beard regularly without having to spend too much time on it.

Best Ways to Grow a Beard

The best ways to grow a beard are discussed below in details:

Exfoliate the Skin

Amongst the several best ways to grow a beard, a simplest one would be to exfoliate the skin on a weekly basis. Exfoliation will help eliminate all the dead skin cells while also stimulating facial hair growth.

Keep it Clean

Keep your face clean and germ-free by using a mild cleanser on it once every day. Clean skin accelerates the growth of hair to a great extent.

Eucalyptus – The Wonder Herb

Using eucalyptus, which is a popular herb known for its enriching properties can be one of the best ways to grow a beard. However, not many people know that it also promotes facial hair growth. Use natural products which have been infused with eucalyptus to help your beard grow fast.

Say No to Initial Trimming or Shaping

Since any good beard takes at least 4 weeks to grow, it is advisable to not indulge in any trimming or shaping during this period. This will allow the beard to grow naturally while also giving you an idea about the different shapes that your beard can grow in. This is the best way to grow a beard.

Shaping It Up

Once the first 4 weeks are over, your beard will now be ready to take shape and look just like you want it to. You can opt for a sharp, natural or semi-natural look depending on your choice.

Moisturize Well

Using a natural moisturizer is one of the best ways to grow a beard as it will add all the nutrients that your beard requires and keep it softened all day long.

Sleeping Well

Get a good night’s sleep every night as this will help repair damaged cells and promote hair growth as well.

Increase Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Include foods rich in vitamins and minerals as this too will help you grow your beard quickly. Another best way to grow a beard is to include large servings of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds in your every day meals as it all helps grow your beard quickly. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin which is quite helpful in growing a beard easily. You can consider consulting your physician for the most suitable multi-vitamin supplement.

Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

If you find an ingrown hair on your face, consult your hair care expert at the earliest. Your beard will not grow properly if ingrown hair starts appearing on your face.

Reduce Stress

Taking on too much stress will prevent your beard from growing well. Try to stay calm and also practice regular and learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Facial Massage

Get a weekly facial massage done as it will help increase the circulation of blood all around your face thereby stimulating new hair growth.

Best Ways to Take Care of Your Beard

Now that you know what the simplest and best ways to grow a beard are, let us also analyze how you can take care of your beard and maintain it without any hassles.

  • One of the most important factors to remember is to comb your beard regularly once it has grown to a good size. Use nothing except a beard brush to do so and ensure that you comb only in the downward direction in which the hair grows.
  • Once the beard reaches a desirable length, regular trimming is essential. You will need a beard comb, scissors and a trimmer for this. Use the electric trimmer to shave off hair from near the edges and avoid using it on the beard or you might accidently cut off too much of hair from one part making your beard feel awkward and uneven. For men with long beard, trimming is generally advised once every 6 weeks while men having a short beard should trim every fortnight for best results. Trimming the beard also helps keep split ends at bay.
  • Another simple way to take care of your beard is to wash it with a good shampoo or cleanser twice every week. This will help get rid of all the dead skin cells and trapped food particles. The presence of dead skin cells can cause itching in the beard, making you feel uncomfortable and thus must be strictly dealt with. Also apply a thick conditioner after the cleansing act as this will prevent your beard from becoming rough. Pat dry your beard with a dry cloth when done without rubbing it at all. Always use skin care products which are non-comedogenic in nature as such products do not clog your skin pores.
  • Another great way to take care of your beard is to care for it while you eat. Take small bites of your food and wipe your face gently after every 2 – 3 bites to prevent food from entering the beard. Also, wash your mouth and the hair surrounding it once your meal is complete to remove any food particles on the surface.


Growing a beard is not a difficult job but it sure does require patience and perseverance on your part. Getting to know about the best way to grow and take care of your beard can help you gain the most desired looks. After all, a beard makes a man look mature and also adds to his persona and charm in several ways.


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