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Health Benefits Of Beard Oil & How To Use and Make a Beard Oil

Beard oil is known to have several health benefits for your beard and the skin beneath it. Read further to know about the health benefits of beard oil and how to use it.

Know About The Health Benefits Of Beard Oil And How To Use It?

Beard oil helps in grooming and maintaining your beard styles. Any high-quality beard oil is basically made of two distinct ingredients, essential oil and carrier oil. In certain cases, the higher-end beard oils might include some added ingredients, such as Vitamin E. This vitamin delivers key vitamins for healthy hair and skin.(1)

The beard oil works wonders for facial hair, beard, and the skin beneath the beard because of its conditioning effect that it offers. Let us take a deeper look at some of the health benefits of beard oil.

Health Benefits Of Beard Oil:

Moisturize The Skin Beneath:

Beard oil is known to keep the skin underneath the beard healthy and supple. The oil is most effective when is used as a moisturizer for your skin underneath the beard.

You can see the improvement in the appearance and condition of your skin and beard as you start using beard oil.

Combats Beard Dandruff:

Beard dandruff occurs when there is a lack of moisture. This beard dandruff or beard ruff causes itching. Undoubtedly, dandruff in your beard can ruin the appearance of your great-looking beard.

Using beard oil will help you nourish your beard hair and the skin underneath. You can stop beard dandruff by using beard oil.

Stops Beard Itch In Its Tracks:

You might experience itchiness in your beard and the skin below. But why does this itchiness happen? To understand this, we must first know about the sebaceous glands. There is a pair of sebaceous glands in each hair follicle. These glands produce sebum oil. They help in keeping your face and beard well-nourished and moisturized. However, the problem is, these sebaceous glands do not create extra sebum oil when your beard gets longer.

So, when your beard grows up, after a few weeks, your sebaceous glands can no longer offer your beard the oil for proper moistirization. Now, guess, what would happen when your hair and skin are not well moisturized? Yes, you are right if you say, “it would itch!”

However, using beard oil on your beards would help you stop beard itch as it keeps your beard and skin below it well-nourished and moisturized.

Helps Fight Acne And Irritation:

Beard oil also helps in fighting acne and irritation. We know that if your beards are not well-moisturized, you would likely have to deal with some breakouts underneath them. These breakouts appear when your hair follicles get clogged and cause acne and inflammation.

Beard oil acts as an excellent moisturizer and cleanser. This oil works its way into skin pores and aids to cleanse impurities, and it won’t clog pores, which would result in breakouts.

Apart from cleansing your skin beneath your beard, most beard oils have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which might be beneficial in reducing redness and inflammation, apart from helping to cleanse your skin. Beard oil might even be effective at treating acne in people who do not even have beards.

Beard oil has a wonderful ability to reduce inflammation, redness, and the appearance of skin blemishes. We must also mention that depending on the essential oils that are present in the beard oil that you use, your oil might even have excellent anti-aging properties.

Make Your Beard Look, Fuller:

Beard oil is known to make a scraggly beard appear lusher and fuller. This is why, some people make use of this oil for hair growth.

Softens And Adds Shine To Beard Hair:

Beard hair usually appears rougher in texture than the hair present on our head. However, beard oil can soften the beard hair and add shine to it. The oil also tames scraggly hairs so that your beard looks cleaner and more stylish.

Makes Your Beard Smell Good:

Beard oil smells too good and it can be used instead of cologne. You can prepare your beard oil at home and choose your favorite fragrance or can purchase ready-made beard oil, which has a scent that you love.

Beard Oil Is Good For Sensitive Skin:

If you have ultra-sensitive skin that breaks out in a rash, you might experience a beard rash that is caused by coarse, jagged hair, or your dry and sensitive skin.

A research study conducted in the year 2011 documented that about half of the American population declares having ‘very sensitive” or “sensitive” skin.(2)

If you have sensitive skin, you should always follow some steps. You must not use hot water on your beard as it can irritate and dry your skin. You should also avoid harsh shampoos and only choose the gentle ones. You should also be careful while choosing your facial skin products.

Apart from all these, you should also use beard oil. Using a natural beard oil would seal in moisture and help you protect the hair shaft. You can prevent breakage and eliminate dryness by coating the hair shaft with enriching beard oil. So, beard oil is the most nourishing product that can be added to your beard-care routine, if you have sensitive skin.

Might Help With Beard Growth:

Sometimes few men might experience having a thin or patchy beard. This might be a genetic fact for some people, and nothing could be done about it. However, for many other men who grow patchy or thin beard, this can be eliminated with the right type of beard oil added to your grooming routine.

Usually, patchy and bald spots are because of an underlying skin issue. Dry skin, acne, and other skin conditions can also result in a patchy or thin beard.

For this reason, today therapeutic-grade beard oils are available. These bear oils possess excellent healing properties and are specifically designed for alleviating the underlying skin issues that are keeping you away from growing a great-looking beard.

So, if you are having a thin or patchy bear, you should try adding therapeutic-grade beard oil to your daily routine, and see if you experience any improvement in your beard hair growth.

How To Use Beard Oil?

You can experiment with using bear oil daily or on every alternate day. Make sure that you are applying the oil after showering and shampooing your beard. You should remember that while using beard oil you should not overdo the amount that you use, or your beard would look greasy. Below are some of the tips to use it.

  • Put 3-5 drops of the beard oil in your palms and massage it into your entire beard in a downward motion.
  • Make sure that you work through your entire beard.
  • Use a comb on your beard if you have a thick or long beard. This would ensure that the bear oil gets distributed evenly.
  • You might require more beard oil if you have a thick and long beard.
  • You can style your beard as needed.

How To Make Beard Oil At Home?

If you love to make beard oil at home, then let us say that making it at home is incredibly easy. You would need the following ingredients and equipment’s for making beard oil at home.

  • Carrier oil/carrier oils
  • Essential oil
  • 1-2 containers
  • Small funnel

To prepare your beard oil, you must start by adding a carrier oil to the container using a small funnel. You can create your blend of various carrier oils or can use only a single carrier oil. Then, add a few drops of essential oils to the carrier oil in the container and mix it well, and test it for consistency and scent. If required, make any change until you have arrived at a solid blend.

You will soon realize that preparing beard oil at home is not only easy but also cost-effective.

The Best Time To Apply Beard Oil:

This is one thing you should know. As per some experts, the best time for applying beard oil is right after a face wash. This would generally be in the morning, immediately after you wash your face or take shower. This is the time when the pores in the skin and the hair follicles are open and thus can easily absorb all the beard oil.

However, some believe that applying beard oil right before bed at night, gives the natural oils in the beard oil time to absorb into your skin without being affected by any outdoor elements.

You should see what works best for you and apply the oil in morning or at night. But again. As long as you are particular about applying the beard oil regularly, the timing of applying beard oil should not matter.

Possible Side Effects Of Beard Oil:

Some beard oils might cause certain side effects. So you should be careful while using them on your beard or face. Below are some of the possible side effects of beard oil.

Allergic Reactions:

Most beard oils contain all-natural ingredients. However, it is still possible for the oil to cause an allergic reaction on your skin. There are a lot of carrier oils and essential oils used in formulating beard oils, which might not suit all skin types.

So, for avoiding this, you should start using beard oil by applying only small amounts of the oil at the start and then gradually increasing the amount as required.

Dandruff And Dry Skin:

This might sound weird. But yes, the sole reason for using beard oil is to keep your skin and beard well hydrated and moisturized so that it does not cause dandruff and dry skin. However, if the beard oil that you are using contains sesame seed oil, canola oil. Hemp seed oil, or other oils that contain polyunsaturated fats, you should avoid the beard oil as your beard oil is poorly formulated. It might hurt the hormones that are responsible for the growth of facial hair. Apart from this, it is bound to cause side effects like dry skin and dandruff in the long run.

Sensitive To Sunlight:

Few essential oils are known to increase the skin’s photo sensitivity. This means, your skin becomes more sensitive to the sunlight and this can increase the risk of sun damage due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So, you should avoid beard oils containing such types of essential oil in them.

Final Words:

Make a note, that all types of skin, including oily ones, require to be moisturized and well-nourished. If you have acne-prone skin or sensitive skin, try to use beard oil that contains various essential oils having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil and cinnamon oil are such types of essential oils.

If you have a beard, try to keep them well nourished, moisturized, and take very good care of your beard. Use beard oil on your beard hair and keep your beard and the skin underneath in good condition. If you are passionate about style and fashion, make sure you are styling your beard too!


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