Egg White Vs Egg Yolk: Know its Nutritional Facts!

Egg is a complete food – this is one of Granny’s golden tips for those who don’t want to skip the nutrition at any cost. But have you ever thought of the nutritional value of egg white and yolks separately. Some say it is egg white and for some it’s yellow part or the yolk, so which one you are going to believe in. To make a fair decision and to enjoy this complete food, check this guide on egg white vs egg yolk.

This guide busts some myths related with egg, so let us start with some significant aspect of this wonder food!

Egg White Vs Egg Yolk: Know its Nutritional Facts!

Egg White Vs Egg Yolk: Know its Nutritional Facts!

You can surely look forward at the nutrition offered by eggs. When it comes to the white and yellow part, you need to look at it separately. Egg white have good nutritional value, rich in protein and contain everything which keeps you slim. Egg yolk on the other hand provides you with essential fats and other nutrients.

Check the nutritional facts on egg white vs egg yolk.

Egg white contains:

  • 55 mg – sodium
  • 4 grams – protein
  • 17 calories

While the egg yolk contains:

  • 1.6 grams – saturated fat
  • 2.7 grams -protein
  • 210 mg – cholesterol
  • 4.5 grams – total fat
  • 55 calories
  • 8 mg – sodium

Other nutrients are not mentioned here as the above information chalks out the health value of egg and many significant conclusions can be drawn from that.

Flip Side of Egg Yolk

Prominent universities in the past have indicated that presence of some nutrients in eggs have been very significant in terms of health value. As a protein source, eggs are great but they are also rich in fats. There is a limit which is set on the quantity of egg which should be taken on a weekly basis and should not go up for more than four. However, egg white can be taken more than four per week, if tolerated well.

The main reason behind this is the nutritional value of egg white vs egg yolk. While egg white contain protein, egg yolk has fats. As excess intake of fat and increased cholesterol can be a major heart risk, your fat intake needs to be restricted.

Egg yolks are a bit heavier on your stomach and some may find it difficult to digest. For some people who are allergic or intolerant to certain proteins or other substances may not be able to tolerate eggs very well. In such cases, it is necessary to have information on egg white vs egg yolk and avoid the part which bothers you.

34% of egg is made up of yolk and has the fat and protein content is also quite less. You can find vitamin A, E, K and D in this part of the egg as they are fat soluble vitamins. You may also find the vitamins such as B6 and B 12 which also has the thiamin and the pantothenic which improves your health.

About Vitamin Rich Egg Yolk

Health conscious people have been very provocatively advocating the need to take egg white only, owing to low fat content it has. But, as the age old saying is, egg being a complete food also has vitamin D content which is tough to find in other naturally occurring food sources.

Therefore, egg from health perspective should be taken as a whole instead of eating in parts and discarding the nutrition away.

In the egg yolk, you may find the following nutrients in large quantities as compared to egg white:

  • zinc
  • selenium
  • Phosphorus
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Calcium

Yolk is the powerhouse of energy and if you are really weak and prone to falling ill readily, it is the egg yolk which really helps you a lot. All in all, you will be surprised to know that yolk has around 14 nutrients.

About Nutritious Egg White

The protein in egg white also known as albumen, is the most popular substance that keeps you fit. Just eating one egg per day makes it perfect for you to have good health.

Egg white, they are quite light on stomach and their nutritional values are indeed high. If you have to tone down your cholesterol level then eating egg white is recommended. But while going for the nutrition, it is the yolk that wins battle.

While yolk has the dietary cholesterol, it is not that bad for your heart arteries. Those seeking for weight loss, eggs are a good source as they keep you filled and cut down the need to gulp unhealthy food. Instead of taking too much carbs, you should go for eating eggs and if possible, take it in the boiled form so that nutrients are preserved in their originality.

Eggs and Balanced Nutrition

If you seek to have a balanced diet, eat eggs carefully. For gaining good health, no need to completely shut it off from your plate but do the cooking more thoughtfully. You can take it in the boiled form or after boiling it, shallow fry it with clarified butter. This improves the taste and makes it more enjoyable. Egg recipes are many and if you are little more creative, you can try cooking it in different ways.

Adding veggies to it is also a great idea, which can further cut down the need of other carbs. It is a great pick for health conscious people and can be enjoyed with plenty of nutrition. Keep your heart healthy and be fit as yolk need to be taken in unison with white part so that your body gets a balanced diet and is not deprived from any nutrients too.

If you are not an avid egg-eater, a complete egg will surely do the needful. More than 10 nutrients are there in the egg yolks which need not to be avoided at all. In case of concerns regarding the egg yolk and fat restriction, you can take up to three or four per week but take a complete egg.

Egg white vs egg yolk should actually not be a debate, as they both together make eggs a complete food. However, if you have certain health problems and need to restrict one or the other part, you can do so, as advised by your nutritionist. Eggs are a complete source of nutrition and promote good health, so understand your needs and plan your diet with eggs.

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