Some Unusual Mouth Disorders & Their Treatment

The health of a person’s mouth is a representation of one’s overall body condition and serves as an indicator to other harmful diseases. The food that we consume is physically broken down in the mouth and the chemical transmission of the nutrients starts taking place from the mouth itself, making it the preliminary stage of digestion. The process of chemically breaking down the food begins from the mouth and controls the distribution of nutrients to different parts of the body. Therefore, it is essential to take care and give necessary attention to one’s mouth owing to the vast number of diseases one can get affected by.

There are numerous mouth related diseases that affect individuals regardless of their age. It is primarily dependent on a person’s oral health and their respective daily routines in relation to taking care of their teeth and gums. There are some diseases which eventuate due to microbial infections and others which materialize due to the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. The symptoms of the various mouth diseases may vary from one another, however, the origination is similar as it begins with the formation of mouth ulcers. It results in tremendous soreness and discomfort which causes pain. Diseases also have the tendency to spread to other body parts such as the lips, tongue, the inner parts of the cheeks and the throat. Mouth diseases make the task of eating and drinking unpleasant and laborious as it afflicts a great deal of pain to the person suffering from it. Complications may also occur due to irregular eating patterns and skipping meals, which may further lead to harmful consequences.

Some Unusual Mouth Disorders & Their Treatment

Mouth diseases have several forms; some of the more common one’s are illustrated as follows:

Cold Sores – Cold sores are similar to blisters which occur around the lip region and can cause considerable amount of pain. A virus known as the herpes simplex virus is usually the root cause of cold sores occurring. The disease is transmittable from a person who already suffers from it, upon contact with the infected persons skin or body fluids. These outbreaks occur in intervals, there is no specific remedy to completely cure it if the virus makes it way down to the nerve endings and attaches itself to it. The causes of cold sores are usually linked to hereditary genetic imbalances which is why not many people are affected by it. It can be triggered from cold weather, fever and high amounts of stress.

Dry Mouth – The condition known as dry mouth occurs when the salivary glands present in the mouth do not produce enough saliva in order to keep the mouth moist. It may be a caused due to age and may be related to the ingestion of certain medicines. Smokers are also affected by the dry mouth syndrome as it affects their sense of taste and their salivary glands. Dry mouth can also arise due to certain health conditions such as diabetes, stoke and autoimmune diseases. Dry mouth can lead to further complications such as plaque, tooth decay and yeast infection in your mouth which ultimately makes the process of eating and swallowing painful.

Oral Cancer – Cancer as a disease is spreading like wildfire in recent times. It is affecting human beings as frequently as the common cold. Oral cancer is one of the most well known forms of mouth diseases which leads to the formation of blisters or sores which are incurable most of the times. In the early stages, there are outbreaks of lumps and then progress into sores which leads to the swelling around the lining of the mouth. People who chew tobacco or indulge in smoking cigarettes usually fall victim to this disease.

Gingivitis – Poor dental and oral hygiene usually leads to this condition. A number of people have been affected by gingivitis in recent times. Bad breath is a common symptom of gingivitis. It results due to the formation of excessive plaque in the mouth which consists of harmful bacteria leading to the erosion of the teeth.

Thrush – Thrush is a common mouth disease which occurs due to yeast infection which is fungal in nature, leading to the formation of white patches inside your mouth. It is also formally referred to as oral candidiasis. It causes an irritable sensation inside the mouth and it usually affects infants. The general remedy for thrush is applying any anti-bacterial medication prescribed by your physician for the particular disease.

Mouth Ulcers – Mouth ulcers are considered to be one of the most common mouth diseases affecting the people around us. It originates in and around the mouth region and can cause severe distress to the person suffering from it. They usually disappear without treatment but can last up to as long as 2 to 3 weeks. It can also transcend into the development of tumors which can prove to be fatal in the long run.

Other Mouth Disorders

There are several mouth disorders that are not common to the human ear and have been encountered on rare occasions. There are several remedies to cure such diseases. Even though these disorders and diseases are uncommon in nature, there are quite a few numbers of medications available in the market that combats such circumstances. Doctors often prescribe antibacterial remedies for most of the diseases and it is usually more than sufficient to alter the negative nature of the disease. The following list depicts a few unusual mouth disorders that have been dealt with in the past, they are as follows:

  • Black Hairy Tongue – It usually occurs due to poor dental hygiene and oral health. It leads to the formation of a black hairy coat on the surface of your tongue due to the accumulation of protein keratin in the mouth. It leads to bad breath and a ticklish sensation. It is visually unattractive in nature but can be cured by rigorously brushing your tongue using a tongue scraper.
  • Fissured Tongue – This condition causes groove like patterns to form on the surface of the tongue. It is also a result of poor dental hygiene and oral health. It is necessary to pay equal importance to cleaning your tongue along with your teeth in order to avoid such diseases.
  • Amalgam Tattoo – This is a black spot which can originate anywhere inside the mouth. It does not cause the sensation of pain and is typically harmless.
  • Yellow Tongue – It causes the formation of a yellow coat like substance over the surface of the tongue. Brushing your tongue regularly and using a tongue scraper usually gets rid of the problem.
  • Geographical Tongue – It causes the formation of white ring like structures on the surface of the tongue which occurs due to poor dental hygiene. It causes a sense of irritation and distress but can be avoided by applying antibacterial medication prescribed by an authorized professional. Brushing daily and using a tongue scraper also helps in curbing the severity of the problem.
  • Burning Mouth Syndrome – The burning mouth syndrome involves a sharp burning sensation in your mouth which affects the entire mouth. It is primarily caused due to the abrasion caused to the nerves that govern taste and monitor the sensation of pain. It may also result due to a foreign medical condition caused due to medication and underlying health problems. Deficiency in nutrients such as iron and zinc may also lead to the burning mouth syndrome. Therefore, it is important to discover the cause of the syndrome first and then get it treated accordingly by a professional.
  • Leukoplakia – Leukoplakia is represented by white patches in and around the mouth that cannot be scraped off and leads to a great deal of irritation in the mouth. Chewing tobacco is the most common contributing factor to this disease but the severity of the condition is likely to subside after omitting the consumption of tobacco.

The mouth is considered to be one of the most important body parts in the human anatomy and should be taken care of in order to avoid diseases. If it is neglected it leads to several complications which are difficult to tackle and causes a tremendous amount of discomfort. It can eventually destroy the sensation of your taste buds and alter the taste of food when consumed; it can give rise to problems related to the movement of the tongue. Visiting your dentist frequently can seriously diminish the occurrence of oral abnormalities and reduces the chances of detecting a disease in its latter stages. Following your dentist’s instructions and taking the prescribed medications in a timely manner can help a great deal in avoiding such diseases in the long run. It is also important to brush at least twice a day and clean your tongue with a tongue scraper while brushing.

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