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What Are The Lifestyle Changes For Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps may occur due to chronic inflammation and most of the symptoms due to congestion and inflammation. Various lifestyle changes are considered that may help improve the symptoms and also prevents recurrence of nasal polyps.

What Are The Lifestyle Changes For Nasal Polyps?

Lifestyle changes prove to be of great help in people with nasal polyps. These changes in the lifestyle would have a long-term impact in preventing the recurrence of nasal polyps. Following are some of the lifestyle changes for alleviating the symptoms of nasal polyps and avoiding their development:

Humidification. Humidification helps in moistening the nasal cavity. Moistening of the nasal cavity may lead to a reduction in viscosity of mucus and also helps in managing swelling and inflammation of nasal cavity4.

Steam Inhalation. Steam inhalation is another option for managing nasal polyps4. It provides relief from nasal congestion and inflammation. To get most out of steam inhalation, the patient may add essential oils such as eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil in water.

Hydration. Proper hydration helps to keep the nasal cavity most. This may be done by drinking sufficient amount of water4.

Exercises. Various breathing exercises are available that increases the capacity of the lungs4. Breathing exercises also help to manage other disorders of the respiratory system.

Avoiding Allergens. The nasal irritants such as chemical fumes, dust, smoking, and other substances should be avoided as it may cause swelling and irritation5. This may cause nasal polyps to recur. Also, allergies and asthma should be managed through proper medications.

Nasal Irrigation. Nasal irrigation is another method to keep the nasal cavity moist. Nasal irrigation used the saline water solution to irrigate the nose5. This will help in removing the debris and mucus. Nasal irrigation also helps in improving the flow of mucus in sinus.

Treatment For Nasal Polyps

Treatment strategy for nasal polyps depends upon the severity of symptoms and extent of reduced quality of life. In the mild form of nasal polyps, the symptoms are not experienced by the patient and thus do not require treatment. However, in moderate to severe form of the condition, various treatment options from the medication to surgery as well as lifestyle changes are available for the patients. Lifestyle changes can be added as supplementary management options along with medications or surgery.

Following are the treatment options available:

Medications. Steroids are the first line therapy for managing the symptoms of nasal polyps. Steroids are available in various dosage forms such as sprays, oral tablets or capsules, and injectables. The choice of treatment depends upon the symptoms experienced by the patients. Steroids may have certain side effects and should be taken under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Antibiotics are used to treat infections while antihistamines are used to manage allergies1. Injectable steroids are used in severe conditions.

Surgery. When the medications fail to provide benefit and does not improve the symptoms as well as the quality of life, the option available is surgery2. The procedure used for such surgery is Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, which is done with the help of a tube fitted with a camera. The tube is inserted to the sinus cavity and with the help of another instrument, nasal polyps are removed.

Natural Treatment. To manage the symptoms of nasal polyps and to prevent their recurrence after surgeries, various natural methods are available. These include the use of spices such as turmeric, or diluted cayenne pepper. Various essential oils are also used to reduce congestion and inflammation of the nasal cavity.

Various lifestyle changes should be done to prevent the recurrence of nasal polyps and also to alleviate the symptoms of an already existing condition. Steam inhalation may also help in reducing congestion. Nasal irrigation is another method to remove mucus and debris from nasal cavity3.


Various lifestyle changes for nasal polyps include nasal irrigation, humidification, steam inhalation, breathing exercises, and sufficient hydration.


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