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Alternative Treatment For Nasal Polyps & Is It A Progressive Disease?

A nasal polyp is a condition of the nose in which soft, non- cancerous and painless growths are seen on the lining of the nasal passages and sinuses.

Alternative Treatment For Nasal Polyps

If you want to go for natural methods of treatment for nasal polyps, you can try several alternative treatment methods. These may include-

Neti- The process of neti or nasal irrigation is a good alternative, it may help in alleviating symptoms caused by nasal polyps. It is also helpful in conditions like allergies and sinusitis. It is carried out by using saline water to rinse the nasal passages. However, utmost care should be taken while using water for this procedure. Saline or distilled, previously boiled and cooled water should be used for this procedure. It should NOT BE DONE with tap water, as there is a fatal risk of getting a deadly brain infection known as Naegleria infection. Naegleria amoeba is also known as brain-eating amoeba. It is a very deadly infection

Steam Inhalation- Hot steam inhalation can be helpful in relieving symptoms of nasal polyps. Steam may help in moistening the nasal passages and facilitate mucus drainage. It can also help to alleviate headaches caused due to sinus infections

Alternative Treatment For Nasal Polyps

Tea-Tree Oil– Tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for relieving symptoms related to nasal polyps. It reduces itching, inflammation and is also an antimicrobial. It can be used in the steam for steam inhalation

Chamomile- This is another well-known essential oil that has been used for ages to treat allergies and inflammation. It can be used in steam inhalation(2)

Is Nasal Polyps A Progressive Disease?

Nasal polyps are not a progressive disease. Most cases of nasal polyps can be cured with simple medications. The polyps can be shrunk or even removed with eth use of certain medications. In some cases, that is serious, a surgical removal is an option. Nasal polyps may be recurrent, though. They may reappear even after successful treatment or surgical removal. In rare cases, severe nasal polyps can cause serious obstruction of airways which may result in troubled breathing. Symptoms of nasal polyps can be managed, and the condition can be cured in most cases. Prolonged treatment may help in avoiding recurrent episodes of nasal polyps.

Prevention Of Nasal Polyps-

Nasal polyps may be prevented, or their recurrence may be avoided by practicing certain measures. These may include-

Management Of Asthma And Allergies-

It is better to take your prescribed treatment for managing asthma and allergies. If the symptoms of these conditions are not controlled, you are at a greater risk of getting nasal polyps.(1)

Avoiding Nasal Irritants-

Avoiding nasal irritants like fumes, tobacco smoke, allergens, dust, etc. can help in keeping nasal polyps away(1)

Maintaining Good Hygiene-

  • Practicing good hygiene habits like washing your hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Such habits can keep several bacterial and viral infections at bay
  • Viral and bacterial infections can cause irritation and inflammation of nasal passages(1)

Humidifying The Home-

  • Humidifying your home may help in moistening your airways
  • This may help in the improved flow of mucus from the sinuses and avoiding blockages(1)

Using Nasal Rinse-

  • Using a saline nasal rinse to wash or rinse out the nasal passages can help in improving the mucus flow
  • Saline kits or sprays can be used for this purpose. Devices like neti pot can be used for nasal irrigation. However, utmost care is taken while doing neti and using water for the same, as it can cause a serious infection of the brain if sterile water is not used(1)


If you do not wish to go for conventional methods of treatment, several alternative treatments are available to treat nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are not a progressive disease. However, if not treated, it can cause serious complications like breathing problems, etc.


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