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What Is The Prognosis For Oral Thrush & Lifestyle Changes For It?

Oral thrush is also referred to as oral candidiasis among large numbers of doctors across the world. This is a type of fungi or yeast infection caused by the genus called Candida. Accordingly, Candida develops over the mucous membrane present in one’s mouth. A fungus named Candida albicans is responsible to cause this problem in general. However, in some cases, oral thrush may even cause due to Candida tropicalis and Candida glabrata. For most people, oral thrush does not lead to any severe problem.(1)

What Is The Prognosis For Oral Thrush?

The prognosis of oral candidiasis or oral thrush and the time for which it lasts depends mainly on the severity associated with the infection and the patient’s immune system. If you suffer from a mild type of oral thrush because of some reversible risk factors, you may undergo easy treatment and expect a good prognosis.

Once you start your treatment related to oral thrush, you experience improvement in your symptoms. In some of the cases, oral thrush may last for a few weeks even you continue with your treatment. Recurrent type of oral thrush may take place if you fail to cure oral or candidiasis thrush in its initial stage.

Oral thrush in children and infants is hardly life-threatening or serious. Besides, they go away on own without any special medical treatment. However, if your child’s oral thrush fails to improve within the period of 2 weeks, you as a parent should consult your family pediatrician.

Patients who have weak immune systems remain at high risk to suffer from life-threatening and severe complications. Condition of these patients becomes critically ill and some of them may even die because of severe infection. Candida may spread in other areas or organs of the body to cause a severe form of dysfunction. Under this situation, doctors recommend for systemic antifungal treatment combined with long-term hospitalization of patients.(2)

Lifestyle Changes To Deal With Oral Thrush Symptoms And Complications

As the prognosis depends on the severity of one’s condition, doctors recommend a few of the lifestyle changes combined with medications to manage symptoms or at least prevent the severe situation. These lifestyle changes include-

Rinse The Mouth: If you have to use corticosteroid-inhaling medicine, you should make sure of rinsing your mouth by using water or brush your teeth after you intake the medicine.

Regular Brush And Floss Properly: You should brush your teeth for a minimum 2 times in one day and floss your mouth daily or according to the recommendations given by your dentist.

Check The Dentures: You should remove the dentures during the nighttime. Simultaneously, you should check and confirm that the dentures fit perfectly and do not cause any type of irritation. Besides, you should clean the dentures daily. Along with this, you should discuss with your dentist about the best possible ways to clean the dentures.

Schedule Your Appointment With A Dentist Regularly: You should schedule your appointment with your dentist regularly. This step is especially important if you are a diabetes patient or wear dentures. You should ask your dentist about the number of times you should visit his/her dental office.

Maintain The Blood Glucose/Sugar Level: If you have diabetes or had diabetes in the past, you should make sure to maintain your blood glucose or sugar level. When your blood sugar remains control, it reduces the amount of sugar accumulation in the saliva to discourage the growth of yeast called Candida.

Ask Ways To Avoid Dry Mouth: Lastly, you should discuss with your doctor about various ways to treat or avoid your dry mouth condition effectively.(3)


To conclude we should say that the prognosis of oral thrush depends on the severity of underlying symptoms. However, one can manage symptoms easily via certain lifestyle changes.


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